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Open Programmes

Some of our most engaging bespoke learning experiences, now available in a variety of formats including face-to-face, blended, and 100% remote. 

Open Programmes for People Managers

Leading in Change with Courage, Care, and Clarity

Building team resilience, and equipping people managers to engage and connect with virtual teams in a change environment

Developing people managers to have the heart, mind and skill set of a coach for effective leadership in a change environment

Our signature learning is available on a remote platform, allowing you to upskill and develop your team virtually. 

ROHEI’s remote learning experience is designed to be as engaging and effective as our face-to-face programmes. It is synchronous and applies a multi-modal learning design giving way for peer discussions and skills practice with cognitive, emotive, and even tactile elements. Relational facilitators are enabled by a learning support team, to ensure a safe and seamless learning environment. 

Digital adoption has been fast-tracked by 5 years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, studies have shown. This event has had far-reaching consequences. It has changed the way we relate and behave and altered customer expectations and spending habits. Supply chains have been disrupted and business models rapidly transformed in response. 

Change presents a tremendous opportunity to reset the landscape and shake up the status quo. Some will be left behind, others will find themselves in unique positions of advantage.

Leading and adapting to these changes has become a baseline skill needed by everyone. The teams that have these skills will be the ones that will come up in front.

People managers need to navigate tumultuous times and rapid change. Developing the ability manage and care for themselves and their teams and the ability to have foresight and clarity are crucial.

They need to be able to lead high performance virtual teams, connecting and engaging with their teams remotely, and communicating effectively and meaningfully.

People managers also need to have the right mindset and approach to be able to challenge their teams and draw out the best in them.

Everyone needs to shift to a very different way of working and it has not been easy.

This has presented many stressors: adapting to remote collaboration platforms, reconfiguring home environments for WFH, managing the emotional load when physical distance is necessary, and being able to engage stakeholders via digital platforms.

In order to embrace change and thrive, staff need to develop the ability to be able to collaborate effectively via digital platforms as a baseline skill to effectively contribute remotely.

Staff also need to have a growth mindset in order to learn at speed and enhance their personal resilience.

Open Programmes for Executives and Teams

Strengthening Culture with Collaboration, Innovation and Trust

As growth initiatives take priority for business leaders, alignment within the organisation is paramount for increased engagement and collaboration to take the organisation forward

Equipping teams in a digital workplace to engage and collaborate for greater effectiveness and increased performance

Building resilience and developing a growth mindset for strong, adaptable and more innovative teams

Developing resilience in managing change and enhancing effectiveness in remote work teams by building trust and collaboration

Enabling online collaboration in remote working environments and strength growth mindset and ability to learn at speed

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Want to know more? Let our consultants help you.

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