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Team Building for Engagement and High Performance

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Team performance is dependent on collaboration and engagement, which begins with self awareness.

In an evolving world where organisational speed and adapting dynamically to changes are critical to business success, the ability of a team to collaborate effectively has become more important than ever before.

“Team Building for Engagement and High Performance” is a programme for teams to better understand the value of working in synergy and appreciate the different team roles in order to improve engagement, collaboration and team effectiveness

In this programme, teams will better internalise the importance of collaborating with one another to achieve organisational objectives. Through a fun and immersive learning experience they will understand that each member plays unique roles that are critical to success.

Based on a team performance framework/tool, they will also gain greater self-awareness about their working styles and how they can better add value to their team. In addition, they will learn how to better engage one another and their stakeholders so that the team can perform better collectively.

To reinforce the learning, the team will go through a hands-on skills practice and get real time feedback from their team members to enable them to track how they’re doing.

What You Will Learn

This programme is specially designed for you to:

  • Understand the value of different roles in collaborative teams at work
  • Understand preferred team roles and gain adaptation strategies for effective teams

How You Will Benefit

When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:

  • Identify the different roles that colleagues play in a team
  • Better collaborate with colleagues based on experience with the Team Dimensions Profile


Delivery Modes

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Remote via laptop and desktop


8-hr live interactive remote via laptop and desktop over 1 full or 2 half days

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Programme Details

Course Fees

Contact us to learn more

Class Size & Registration

Min. 25 pax per class
Registration will be via organisation HR.

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021003035 / TGS-2021003043 / TGS-2014500775


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