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Thriving in Change with Agility and Resilience

Your people’s response to stress, isolation and change will determine the success of your organization.

People are more critical than ever. However, feelings of anxiety, languish, and fatigue continue to pervade workplaces today. This dampens performance, hinders innovation, and increases attrition.

Thriving in Change with Agility and Resilience helps staff build their resilience and develop a growth mindset for strong teams which can excel, learn and innovate in a change environment.

The programme is designed to help staff increase cognizance of their existing mechanisms when encountering challenges, allowing them to build a transformative personal resilience strategy addressing both the heart and mind. In addition, they will also be equipped with principles and strategies to enhance their learning agility to navigate evolving work environments. Lastly, they will be given practical handles to encourage exploring possibilities and support innovation at the workplace.

What You Will Learn
This programme is specially designed for you to:
  • Identify practical ways to manage changes and build resilience

  • Increase learning agility by developing a growth mindset

  • Discover learning preference(s) to be more efficient at the workplace

  • Apply the language of possibility in responding to changes and innovation

How You Will Benefit
When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:
  • Recognise and manage the impact of change on self and others

  • Take practical steps to manage challenges and build resilience

  • Use the language of possibility to better respond to changes and innovation

Delivery Modes
Remote via laptop and desktop

8-hr live interactive remote via laptop and desktop over 1 full or 2 half days

Programme Details
Course Fees

Thriving in Change with Agility and Resilience

22-32 pax per class
Registration will be via organisation HR.

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021003035 /

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