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Our people excellence philosophy

As we purpose to honour people and results at ROHEI, here’s our response.

ROHEI’s responsibility

Lead and manage with integrity of heart and skillful hands

Purpose to be competent and vigilant in learning, we seek to lead with joy by being honest and authentic.

Demonstrate both justice and mercy. If uncertain, we will err on the side of mercy

Mercy and justice form a good leader, and sound leadership is founded on love for the people.

Work diligently at maintaining a culture of trust in the hopes of seeing all flourish

Trust is key to upholding our culture. This requires everyday commitment to help our people excel in what they are called to do.

Staff’s responsibility

Be energised and competent in your lane

When a staff is competent and energised by what they do, for a people group they are called to serve, no one can compete with them. This is where one can find most freedom to excel.

Be safe to be with

Being safe means being emotionally healthy. One who is very slow to anger, quick to listen, and even quicker to receive feedback.

Always show up meaningfully for our people, partners, clients, and learners

This means the ability to recognise reality, thus responding in a way that causes the other to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Our employer awards

Most companies are born out of a desire to be profitable and productive. ROHEI was sparked into existence by a collective desire among friends to do life together.


Departments and Teams

Training, Consulting, Coaching and Curriculum Design

The TCCD team's role is to manage and execute the design, development, and delivery of people development interventions. We journey with our clients in understanding their learning needs, co-creating solutions, and delivering experiential interventions that considers both business results and the people agenda. With our different specialisations - Training, Curriculum Development, and Coaching - we leverage on each other's strengths so we can serve as trusted and authentic learning partners.


Our Operations Department is run by 2 teams collaborating to complete every project and deliver our service beyond expectations.

The Guest Experience Team embodies the trait of hospitality. They ensure that our learning spaces are clean and well-maintained. They welcome guests and participants with a warm smile and perfect greetings. Lastly, they anticipate the needs of the participants and trainers during training. By coordinating with different departments, they are able to get logistic details, room setup requirements and do event or program hosting.

The Training Administration Team performs learning administration-related activities to support programmes. They foster relationships with various stakeholders to ensure compliance and adherence to quality policies and systems. They aim to deliver consistent quality service through a sustainable approach, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Project Management

The Project Management Team leads and manages the execution of every project, ensuring delivery within scope, budget, and timeline. The team facilitates clear communication among the project team members, who work closely with our clients and the ROHEI team to ensure the objectives of the programs are fulfilled.

Business Development

Business Development looks into the creation of long term value and relationships by bringing together the needs of our clients, ROHEI's offerings, and business sustainability. Through a consultative selling approach, we explore and journey with our clients to help uncover their needs from a holistic perspective. From there, we seek the best solutions that would help them enhance their human capital and ultimately their business.

Corporate Planning, Finance and Human Resources

The Corporate Planning and Finance Team exists to maintain financial sustainability and promote preparedness. On top of managing accounting duties from invoicing to payables, the team coordinates with different department HODs to execute budgets and forecasts. They also support the management team by driving yearly planning exercises and providing analysis of financial and organisational data for strategic decision making.

The Human Resource department is a partner of the leadership team in implementing projects in the area of people development and management. They handle staff’s welfare and development, making sure that culture is preserved and people flourish in their lane.


Technology serves to enhance operational efficiency and to provide innovative ways to enhance our learners' experience. Our Technology department reviews and explores new applications, systems, and tools to provide the best solutions to our staff and learners.


Our marketing department’s role is to define, build, and grow the ROHEI brand. The team plays a key role in product development and partners with Business Development in growing revenue, increasing market share, and contributing to company growth and profitability.

As the bridge between ROHEI and its audience, the department helps build capabilities in consumer and customer research and understanding, identifying and nurturing our target market, and engaging our audience on various touchpoints and communication channels. The team is also responsible for internal communications—growing a strong brand, inside and out.

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