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It’s about the people. I get to work with colleagues who are like-minded who make me feel affirmed and accepted. The culture in ROHEI is high trust, transparent and open: office politics does not exist here. Everyone is encouraged to take their issues up with each other so there are no barriers and we are able to build strong relationships.

Matthew Foo, Training

ROHEI is more than just a company, it is family. They’ve helped me develop my gifts and have showed me how to use these gifts to help those around me. This is a place where I saw colleagues work harmoniously and resolve differences in a friendly manner. The quote “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” truly describes what I have at ROHEI.

Claribel Abadilla, People Excellence & HR

I came to ROHEI because I love the positive culture. It's a wonderful testimony of how positivity can be so contagious. Another reason is I knew this is a place where everyone is striving to do what is right, and most importantly the top level values it.

Clement Sim, Training Administration

As an educator, I have a desire and passion to see people develop in different areas of their lives. While it is fulfilling to see them do well vocationally, I find great joy in seeing a person understand and recognize their potential. The work environment and purpose of ROHEI aligns to the things I am passionate about.

Czarina Marifosque, Curriculum Design

I joined ROHEI at the age of 47 years and it has been such an emotionally safe environment. My colleagues have become my friends and I am growing professionally with many opportunities to develop and be stretched. My contributions are valued and celebrated and I hear myself saying "my age qualifies me" where it may have been an obstacle in another organization. I am loving doing life with everyone!

Ding Eng Eng, Training

ROHEI is like a home for me. It's a safe environment where people love and care for one another. Our culture of celebrating each other’s successes, going through tough times together and being excellent in everything that we do has been an inspiration to me. My colleagues are just not people that I work with but became my friends as well; they are my family. I believe I became a better version of myself by working here.

Rayza Gardon, Guest Experience

I believe that ROHEI conducts business in a way that allows for a nurturing environment where everyone’s individual talents can flourish. ROHEI is a very people-centric organization, and I find that very appealing as well as admirable. I believe that I can truly make a difference in the lives of people through working at ROHEI.

Lee Hak Ming, Business Development

Our people excellence philosophy

As we purpose to honour people and results at ROHEI, here’s our response.

ROHEI’s responsibility

Lead and manage with integrity of heart and skillful hands

Purpose to be competent and vigilant in learning, we seek to lead with joy by being honest and authentic.

Demonstrate both justice and mercy. If uncertain, we will err on the side of mercy

Mercy and justice form a good leader, and sound leadership is founded on love for the people.

Work diligently at maintaining a culture of trust in the hopes of seeing all flourish

Trust is key to upholding our culture. This requires everyday commitment to help our people excel in what they are called to do.

Staff’s responsibility

Be energised and competent in your lane

When a staff is competent and energised by what they do, for a people group they are called to serve, no one can compete with them. This is where one can find most freedom to excel.

Be safe to be with

Mercy and justice form a good leader, and sound leadership is founded on love for the people.

Always show up meaningfully for our people, partners, clients, and learners

This means the ability to recognise reality, thus responding in a way that causes the other to feel seen, heard, and understood.

Our employer awards

Most companies are born out of a desire to be profitable and productive. ROHEI was sparked into existence by a collective desire among friends to do life together.

Great Place to Work® Institute's best workplaces initiatives research and recognise leading organisations in more than 45 countries worldwide and form the world’s largest and most respected study of workplace excellence and people management practices. Great Place to Work® measures the trust index of a workplace, identified by employees’ relationship with their job, with their manager, and with their co-workers. As a practitioner, we live out the Culture of Trust. Recognised as a Great Place to Work® for 4 consecutive years between 2014-2018 and most recently in 2022, our latest Trust Index score reflects a level of trust in the 90s range— significantly higher than the Great Place to Work® average of 80s.


Top Employer awards recognise companies with exemplary Employee Engagement, Company Culture, and HR Practices. The awards are presented by InfluentialBrands®, a consumer insights and research organisation that seeks to provide knowledge, raise awareness of desirable brands, and celebrate the unique aspects of Asian-based businesses and brands.


The Tripartite Alliance Award recognises exemplary organisations that have effectively implemented fair, responsible, and progressive employment practices. The Work-Life Excellence category recognises excellence in work-life strategies that effectively maximise employee performance while helping them manage their work-life harmony, and optimise business performance.



Departments and Teams

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”

What is working in ROHEI Like?

Meet some of our people and learn more about what working in ROHEI is like.

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Join us

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