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Effective Coaching Skills of a Relatable Manager

People managers must become coach-like leaders in order to successfully lead and manage teams through these unprecedented times.

Managers today need to lead through change, navigate challenges during crisis and manage a remote workforce. Ways of leading therefore needs to change.

Leaders are no longer the experts with all the answers. Due to the unfamiliarity and complexity of the environment, leaders will need to draw out the best in their team to be able to co-create solutions to move forward. What leaders and managers need to lead in today’s climate is to be coach-like.

Effective Coaching Skills of a Relatable Manager helps people managers acquire the mindset, skillset and heartset of a coach, providing learners with conversational tools and relational skills to more effectively build trust and engage their staff remotely.
What You Will Learn
This programme is specially designed for you to:
  • Understand the role of a Manager-Coach

  • Discover the Heartset of a Relatable Manager

  • Enhance core skills of questions and listening as a Coach

  • Learn a structure for intentional coaching conversations

  • Practice and receive feedback on coaching techniques

  • Develop personal action plan to apply coaching at work

How You Will Benefit
When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:
  • Gain confidence to coach by applying coaching skills and using a structured coaching approach

  • Improve your team’s performance by coaching individuals more effectively

  • Have better and more meaningful conversations at the workplace

Delivery Modes
Remote via laptop and desktop

16-hr live interactive remote via laptop and desktop

Programme Details
Course Fees
Class Size & Registration

20-32 pax per class
Registration will be via organisation HR

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021003042 / TGS-2019503687

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