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Leading in Change with Courage, Care and Clarity

Success in navigating change begins with managers who balance both performance and people.

In these turbulent times, organisations need courageous managers to count on for the team to come out stronger together. Managers have unique roles in bridging the gap between operational and strategic reality, and between relationships and results.

Organisations recognise the importance of people managers to the success of any corporate endeavour. The quality of leadership affects employee engagement, performance and retention.

Leading In Change with Courage, Care and Clarity is a programme that addresses managers’ critical role in driving and managing change while ensuring engagement and trust. It helps managers to build personal and team resilience, and better engage and connect with virtual teams in a VUCA environment.
What You Will Learn
This programme is specially designed for you to:
  • Be equipped to know how to improve personal and team resilience

  • Adopt principles to better connect and engage in a remote working environment

  • Apply the skills of listening and asking questions to gain greater clarity

  • Use a sense-making tool to make better decisions

  • Employ communication techniques to communicate with greater clarity 

How You Will Benefit
When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:
  • Stay resilient and buoyant amidst changing circumstances

  • Know how to motivate, engage, and connect on a remote platform

  • Gain clarity by listening fully and asking questions

  • Able to improve decision-making by broadening perspectives and staying open to a larger reality

  • Communicate with clarity to influence team to achieve organisational goals

Delivery Modes
Remote via laptop and desktop

16-hr live interactive remote via laptop and desktop

Programme Details
Course Fees
Class Size & Registration

20-32 pax per class
Registration will be via organisation HR

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021003041 / TGS-2019504019 

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