Honouring People and Results

    We are a learning and consulting partner in building a culture of trust where people and results are honoured. We develop trusted and relationally competent leaders and help organisations navigate the people aspect of their change journeys.

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    Our mission

    We exist to inspire hope, joy, courage and purpose in the global workforce.

    We see a global workforce that

    • recognises that work is an expression of their unique identity and vocation.
    • is thriving in their lanes, creating products and services that will enable communities to flourish.
    • looks forward to work, recognising that work is a privilege, and completing each day energised and fulfilled.
    • walks in dignity and compassion.
    • endeavours to celebrate success with others.
    • enjoys wholesome fun and recreation, seeking to honour one another.
    • is rested, prospering in their health and soul; cares for the whole person—physical, emotional, and spiritual.
    • walks in moral excellence, with the conviction that community and family are worth fighting for.
    • is committed to wholeness in the spheres of work, home, and community.
    • recognises the need to bless the less fortunate as a privilege.
    • regards resources and knowledge as a trust to be used with liberality in serving others.
    • is entrepreneurial and creative, bold in attempting new things.
    • is mentally resilient and courageous in uncertainty.
    • is skilled and committed to lifelong learning and development.

    Our Values

    Moral Excellence

    Moral Excellence



    Will to Succeed

    Will to Succeed



    Serving Others

    Serving Others



    Our Story

    Most companies are born out of a desire to be profitable. ROHEI was sparked into existence by a collective desire among friends to make a difference and do life together.

    Birth of ROHEI

    2007 - Birth of ROHEI

    Having left a senior consulting role to focus on not-for-profit youth work, founder Rachel finds herself nudged persistently by friends and family to create a workplace where people are energised, fulfilled and flourish.

    ROHEI was officially registered on 14 February 2007 with a mission of inspiring hope, joy, courage and purpose to the workforce. The name ROHEI comes from the Hebrew word ro’eh, which means “Shepherd”.

    Discovering our Niche

    2011 - Discovering our Niche

    After providing a myriad of consultancy services, from helping start a plumbing school, residential leadership programmes, business process reengineering and strategic planning for MNCs and government agencies, the team at ROHEI discovers its niche: developing people and equipping leaders. Workforce development becomes the key focus.

    2011 ROHEI first training facility at Shenton House

    2011 - First training facility at Shenton House

    ROHEI sets up its first training facility located at the heart of the business district along Shenton Way. ROHEI’s Red, White, Green, Yellow training rooms and staff office are located on two different floors of Shenton House.

    2012 First learning carnival

    2012 - First learning carnival

    Responding to a client who needed to train a large number of people in a fun and energetic and yet personal and engaging way, the Learning Carnival learning format was born. ROHEI creates the ability to facilitate learning for up to 200 people at a time in a carnival-like atmosphere with a station-rotation format.

    2015 Moving from Shenton House to DNI

    2014 - Moving from Shenton House to DNI

    ROHEI moves into the newly built Devan Nair Institute, occupying 19,000 square feet on level 5, where the team created 11 learning spaces, specially designed for unique and immersive learning.

    2015 ROHEI Wins Best Corporate Training Provider

    2015 - ROHEI Wins Best Corporate Training Provider

    ROHEI Wins Best Corporate Training Provider, HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Award for the first time, and again in 2017. This award aims to recognise exceptional Corporate Service Providers in Singapore.

    2015 ROHEIs First GPTW Award

    2015 - ROHEI’s first Great Place to Work Award

    ROHEI was recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute (GPTW) as ‘Top 5 Best Workplaces in Singapore’. This was largely attributed to the high-trust culture with a 98% Trust Index, the highest across the globe recorded by GPTW. ROHEI has since been listed in GPTW Best Workplaces in Singapore and Asia in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    ROHEI Foundation established in Manila Philippines

    2017 - ROHEI Foundation established in Manila Philippines

    Established in Manila, Philippines, ROHEI Foundation is more than a CSR (corporate social responsibility). ROHEI’s passion to serve people and fulfil their mission was extended beyond the workforce to serve the community by helping address social issues relating to the orphaned and the elderly of society.

    ROHEI China established in Shanghai

    2018 - ROHEI China established in Shanghai

    ROHEI opens its office in Shanghai, China, enlarging our footprint to inspire hope, joy, courage and purpose in the global workforce. ROHEI’s name in China is 心禾 (xin he), which reflects the heart of a shepherd.

    ROHEI Perspectives

    ROHEI’s perspectives reflect what we value and directs our decision making in what we do and how we do it. It is what we believe will drive sustainable growth and lasting success.


    Traditional perspective

    Maximize shareholder value

    ROHEI's perspective

    Maximize the potential of lives


    Traditional perspective

    Find a need and fill it with products and services

    ROHEI's perspective

    Serve where your competence and passion intersect with the needs of the world


    Traditional perspective

    Employ people to build business

    ROHEI's perspective

    Develop people through the workplace


    Traditional perspective

    Posture to your advantage

    ROHEI's perspective

    Communicate the truth


    Traditional perspective

    Make yourself look better than you may actually be

    ROHEI's perspective

    Walk humbly


    Traditional perspective

    Find those who can help you achieve your vision

    ROHEI's perspective

    Find those who will build together for our next generation


    Traditional perspective

    Being efficient and effective as priority

    ROHEI's perspective

    Honouring organisational values and people as priority


    Traditional perspective

    Plan to control limited resources and errant people

    ROHEI's perspective

    Plan to release resources and raise leaders


    Traditional perspective

    Work as key source of fulfilment

    ROHEI's perspective

    Home and work as key source of fulfilment


    Traditional perspective

    Maximise what you keep

    ROHEI's perspective

    Maximise what you give

    Why Choose Us

    Experiential Learning Design

    Learning design that is immersive and experiential engages all senses and allows learning to be caught and not just taught.

    Curriculum and experience design teams work closely, bringing together a diverse set of expertise to look at every aspect of the programme design. Details matter: space layout, thematic styling, and audio-visual design are carefully integrated for unique, impactful and memorable experiences.

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    Authentic & Relational Team

    Our facilitators and coaches have the courage to be vulnerable. This creates an emotionally safe environment for deep reflection and learning.

    Our people serve from the heart. Experience radical hospitality by a team who is willing to go the extra mile to meet your learning objectives and make every person feel valued.

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    Co-creation of Solutions

    Deep dialogue with clients and stakeholder engagement are key. This allows us to gain insight into the underlying issues, and more importantly relational dynamics, which allow for effective facilitation and reconciliation.

    By co-creating with clients, we are able to establish parallels to workplace scenarios, with content, language and examples which are relevant. The result is application back at the workplace for higher engagement and performance.

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    Top Employer
    Great Place To Work
    Great Place To Work | Singapore
    Best Corporate Training Provider 2017
    Tripartite Alliance Award 2018
    Best Workplaces 2016
    Best Companies To Work For 2015
    Best Corporate Training Provider 2015

    Our People, Our Greatest Asset

    From a team of two, we have grown into our current strength of over 60 full-time staff—a mix of trainers, consultants, coaches, experience designers, account managers, strategists, and administrators. Though we are an eclectic blend of personalities and represent diverse cultures, we share common values. We are passionate about people development and it brings us joy to see our clients and partners succeed.

    Explore Life @ ROHEI
    CORP Underprivileged

    We believe that giving our time and resources should be a part of who we are. We have committed to set aside a portion of our profits every month toward giving.

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