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Strengthening Culture with Collaboration, Innovation and Trust

Trust and alignment within the culture is fundamental to moving your organisation into the future.

In order to succeed in today’s environment, individuals, leaders and teams need to be able to move and respond with speed, and do it in a sustainable way. They must be aligned and be innovative and collaborative. 

“Strengthening Culture with Collaboration, Innovation and Trust” is a programme which enables organisations to build trust for healthy relationships which fuel effective collaboration and alignment to collectively meet organisational objectives.

In this programme, participants align on trust-building actions that will allow them to form healthier relationships within the organisation and enable them to move at speed with their teams. More prosocial ties lead to more resilient teams and organisations.

They also better internalise the importance of collaborating with one another to achieve organisational objectives. Through a fun and immersive learning experience, they will understand the different factors that enhance the effectiveness of collaboration.

In addition, responding to change initiatives need a workforce that is open to possibilities and is equipped with tools to move forward. Through an interactive session, learners will be equipped with ways to brainstorm, question assumptions, and explore practical techniques to think out of the box.

What You Will Learn
This programme is specially designed for you to:
  • Understand the value of collaborative teams at work

  • Understand the elements of how trust is built

  • Explore ideation techniques that support innovation

How You Will Benefit
When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:
  • Apply handles to collaborate more effectively at work

  • Establish better relationships with your organisation through trust-building behaviours.

  • Apply ideation techniques for continuous improvement

Delivery Modes
Remote via laptop and desktop

8-hr live interactive remote via laptop and desktop over 1 full or 2 half days

Programme Details
Course Fees
Class Size & Registration

Min. 25 pax per class
Registration will be via organisation HR.

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021003043

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