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We are culture builders.

A healthy culture honours both people and results. It enables organisations to thrive, not at the expense of people, but because people are engaged and healthy.

Here, relationships are strong. There exists high trust and a powerful sense of purpose. Here, people naturally create value even as work norms shift and organisations transform.

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  • How can apathy and inertia be remedied?
    The redefining of traditional work norms and expectations is causing people to evaluate their work life. If their purpose at work is not compelling, they lose motivation, productivity drops and they are likely to walk out the door. Organisations must know their purpose and what they stand for. They must then have the culture and leadership to follow through, starting at the top. The leaders will set the tone and will need the competencies to draw out the “whys” of their people to create alignment and engagement. This requires trusted and relationally competent leaders. Learn more about how leaders can build trust to find alignment in this masterclass: The Emergent Leadership Imperative.
  • How can leaders spark and sustain innovation for growth?
    To survive and grow, organisations need to innovate continuously. For many, this requires a culture renovation. Culture needs to enable out-of-the-box thinking and application. It should empower everyone in the organisation to contribute their thoughts and ideas. For this to happen, there needs to be trust. With trust embedded in the culture, employees are emotionally safe and have the autonomy to own their innovative thinking and pursue ideas that challenge the status quo. Ignite Innovation for Business Survival and Growth [E-Book] Commissioned by DesignSingapore Council, we studied the cultures of leading organisations in Singapore and uncovered how they have cultivated an innovative Design-Led Culture. The insights from the year-long qualitative study are distilled into 22 principles to help businesses flourish as they evolve and design cutting-edge relevant products and solutions. Download the playbook here.
  • How can engagement and a sense of belonging be nurtured in a digital workforce?
    In Singapore, EngageRocket reports that engagement levels dropped 14% in 2021. Mass resignation is happening. The main reasons: they don’t feel valued by their organisation and managers, and they don’t feel a sense of belonging (McKinsey, 2021). A more human and relational leadership is what the people and culture needs. Click here to learn more about Relational Leadership: The Emergent Leadership Imperative here. Technology is a great enabler and can be used to foster engagement, connection and culture alignment. Click here to learn more about how ROHEI helps organisations build engagement through technology.

Cultivating a healthy culture is a deliberate undertaking requiring organisation-wide commitment and participation, starting from the top. Culture is not built overnight but requires long-term investment and nurturing. It is intentional and the know-how can be acquired.

The ROHEI work ethic demonstrated by every staff member is truly an example of the culture that every organisation wants to build. You feel hosted by the entire team when you hold a programme at ROHEI.

After the programme, staff and managers alike started to embrace our company core values in their leadership, which was seen in their daily communication and work execution. All these also led to improvements in our staff engagement, reduction of staff turnover and greater cross functional collaboration towards common business goals.

Head, Learning & Development
S$20 Billion Urban Solutions Provider

How we help our clients

Global Insurance Company

We helped a global insurance company embrace and live out their value on customer-centricity through a company-wide values alignment workshop

Urban Solutions Provider

We helped a leading urban solutions provider clearly communicate their values through an organisation-wide values intervention spanning several countries.

Institute of Higher Learning

We helped an IHL in Singapore build culture advocacy through staff engagement and alignment of organisational goals and vision so that everyone in the IHL resonates with & is moved by its vision and purpose.

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