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Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams

The right mindset and heartset are fundamental to embracing and thriving in change.

We have all been thrown into unprecedented change. Staff who are unsupported through stressful times can exhibit anxiety, agitation, sense of being overwhelmed, and helplessness at work. For any individual to thrive in this VUCA environment, one must have an increased understanding of how to manage stress, adopt a growth mindset, and build personal resilience. In addition, one now needs to acquire skills to connect, collaborate, and communicate in virtual teams to perform effectively in the workplace.

The programme is designed to help staff increase cognizance of their existing mechanisms when encountering challenges, allowing them to build a transformative personal resilience strategy addressing both the heart and mind. In addition, they will also be equipped with principles and strategies to enhance their learning agility to navigate evolving work environments. Lastly, they will be given practical handles to encourage exploring possibilities and support innovation at the workplace.

What You Will Learn
This programme is specially designed for you to:
  • Be equipped with practical ways to manage stress and build resilience

  • Better connect, collaborate and communicate in a remote work setting

  • Gain clarity and agreements with stakeholders on work expectations and responsibilities

How You Will Benefit
When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:
  • Understand the impact of the Future of Work

  • Recognise and manage the impact of change on self and others

  • Build Resilience to manage challenges and change.

  • Enhance effectiveness in working remotely by building trust, collaboration and connection.

Delivery Modes
Remote via laptop and desktop

8-hour ‘LIVE’ interactive remote learning

Programme Details
Course Fees

Class Size & Registration

20-36 pax per class. Registration will be via organisation HR.

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