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5 September 2019

Change Management

How to Tackle Disruption with Design

Why organisations should incorporate a design-approach at a strategic level for improved financial performance and the ability to address ill-defined problems.

4 September 2019

Relational Leadership, Leadership Development

The Relationally Competent Boss

Effective leaders are those who get results but do it in a way that inspires their team and the people around them. How can you grow in leadership effectiveness?

30 August 2019

Culture Building

#AskRachelOng Episode 33 - SMEs and the Talent Crunch

SMEs are constantly facing a talent crunch. In the midst of this, how do we attract and retain the best talent? Learn the 3 actions that have helped us find and keep the best people for our team.

9 July 2019

Culture Building

The Multigenerational Workforce: From Challenges to Opportunities

Five generations, one workplace, a multitude of issues. Here’s how to turn things around.

13 June 2019

Culture Building

How to Attract and Keep the Talent You Want

Talent attraction and retention issues still have CEOs tossing and turning at night. Corporate culture can play a bigger role in finding a solution than they realise.

4 June 2019

Change Management

How to Win Support as a Change Lead

Your ability to lead change will determine the success of transformation. There are four key leadership traits that will make the difference in rallying support towards your change initiative.

4 June 2019

Leadership Development

The Kind of Leaders You Need to Face Disruption

What changes can we anticipate at the workplace in the next few years, and how do we prepare our leaders for the next chapter of Industry 4.0?

7 May 2019

Change Management

Enabling Change Management Through Coaching

Coaching has been found to be one of the most helpful approaches to helping achieve the goals of change management initiatives. Leaders who have coach-like behaviours are able to contribute to the success of change initiatives.

6 May 2019

Leadership Development

How Inclusive Leaders Harness the Value of Diversity

Many unique and diverse individuals in the workplace still do not feel entirely safe to be their authentic selves. How can leaders give them the freedom and confidence they need to thrive?

6 May 2019

Culture Building

Culture Change is Key to Sustained Transformation

The need to adapt and transform is a given in every company’s growth journey. Transformation cannot be sustained without both mindset and heartset change.

8 April 2019

Change Management

Bridging the Digital Transformation Perception Gap

SMU research reveals a gap between what C-suite and executives perceive about digital transformation. Reconciling these differences is crucial to making Digital Transformation work.