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ROHEI Invited to Facilitate Signify China’s IGNITE Leaders’ Conference

ROHEI was invited to partner with Signify’s China office, bringing contextualised learning and deep dialogues to their annual leaders’ conference, IGNITE.


ROHEI was invited to partner with Signify’s China office last February 27 and 28 for their annual leaders’ conference, IGNITE.

Radical collaboration

The conference centred on Radical Collaboration, and gathered over one hundred C-Suite Leaders, Directors, and Senior Managers eager to start 2019 with the right heart and mindset, as the company faces tremendous change and disruption.

Contextualised learning and deep dialogues

ROHEI kicked off each day with contextualised learning experiences to strengthen leadership team dynamics and facilitate deep dialogues on Culture Building, Conflict Resolution, and Leading in a VUCA World. The activities set the relational dynamics for productive and effective planning and sharing among the company’s leaders.

‍ROHEI’s Eddie Eng facilitating a simple yet profound team activity on being prepared for change.

A culture of giving

ROHEI’s team of trainers facilitated the final session, in which each business unit was given the opportunity to meet and discuss team commitments and actions.

As the conference drew to a close, Signify China CEO John Wang took the stage to share his heart, and affirm his commitment to the team’s goals.

The conference concluded with a unanimous commitment to build a Culture of Giving at Signify —to give each other their best: “We give because we are one team. We are greater together. Whatever we do, we are all in.”


"Excellent programs and activities that ROHEI team has designed and facilitated for our entire management team. The experience of 'The Hunt' is an eye opener. Very simple but powerful message and reflection that our team has received and obtained. The professionalism, the flexibility, the customer focused mindset is impressive. Look forward to the collaboration next time!" - Fiona Wu

“We learned how to break down mindsets, engage in change, build trust with others, and form a winning culture!” - LIM SAN HONG, VP & HEAD OF MARKETING AT SIGNIFY CHINA.

"Thanks to Xinhe (ROHEI) for two days of full-hearted input, with creative and experiential activities to help our company's cultural construction - a culture of trust, a team, and full participation has played a very positive role in the growth of the business. I also wish that the heart of the business is booming! 感谢心禾两天的全情投入 以有创意的体验式活动帮助我们公司的文化建设-信任的文化,合一团队,全员参与为业务的增长起到了非常积极的推动。也祝心禾业务蒸蒸日上!" - Stanly Fu, Head of System Center

Images courtesy of Signify China:

Signify China CEO John (left), and ROHEI Principal Consultant and Senior Trainer Eddie Eng

ROHEI’s Senior Trainer and Principal Consultant Eddie Eng

Signify China’s IGNITE team with the ROHEI team

Signify China’s 120 leaders, directors, and managers


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