Relational Leadership for Senior Leaders

15 December 2018

“It is crucial that a CEO leverages on a trusted senior leadership team, and also be nimble enough to adjust and switch course when circumstances change along the way.” — Melvin Teo, group CEO, Yeo Hiap Seng (Leading the change, the Business Times | Thursday, July 19, 2018)

One of the biggest misconceptions about C-Suite teams is that C-Suite leaders, being high-calibre and high-performing individuals, will have the natural ability to function well as a unified whole.

C-Suite harmony and effectiveness are challenged by many factors—among them undeveloped relational skills, political skill and orientation, and lack of self awareness.

“There is a strong positive correlation between self-awareness of leaders, their authentic behaviours and, consequently, their leadership effectiveness”, Straits Times says.

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The Relational Leadership Senior Leadership Track

In response to this reality faced by C-Suite teams, we launched the Relational Leadership Senior Leadership Track, one of four Relational Leadership learning journeys.

The Relational Leadership Senior Leadership Track combines executive coaching and facilitation sessions. The objective is to build a more cohesive senior leadership team.

Since its launch this year, the programme has received resounding positive feedback from C-Suite leaders:

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