Culture Building

#AskRachelOng Episode 32 - SMEs and Culture Building

7 January 2019

SMEs today struggle with cash flow and survival-level issues. Rachel shares how Culture Building can turn a business from a struggling survivor into a thriving organisation.

Culture building extends to nations as well. Find out how ROHEI helped Bhutan build a stronger nation through a Culture of Trust.

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How ROHEI can help you with Culture Building

We help organisations build cultures in a deliberate and strategic manner to help solve their business challenges. Find out more about our approach here.

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Other Insights

07 May 2019 ROHEI

Enabling Change Management Through Coaching

Coaching has been found to be one of the most helpful approaches to helping achieve the goals of change management initiatives. Leaders who have coach-like behaviours are able to contribute to the success of change initiatives.

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How Inclusive Leaders Harness the Value of Diversity

Many unique and diverse individuals in the workplace still do not feel entirely safe to be their authentic selves. How can leaders give them the freedom and confidence they need to thrive?

06 May 2019 ROHEI

Culture Change is Key to Sustained Transformation

The need to adapt and transform is a given in every company’s growth journey. Transformation cannot be sustained without both mindset and heartset change.