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Building Culture in a Time of Crisis

Strategies to strengthen culture in today's world of remote work

What organisations need in unprecedented times

As the so-called new normal unfolds and organisations gear up for long-term remote working, organisations cannot afford to overlook their culture. Its high impact on engagement and performance makes it an indispensable ingredient to survival and growth. However, building culture remotely can be difficult and requires intentionality.

“Among the key responsibilities of remote managers, defining and cultivating a unique team culture remotely is the most difficult.” 


In this ebook, ROHEI Principal Consultant Calvin Yeo hears from senior leaders from CapitaLand, Kemin Industries Asia, Linde, NTUC Enterprise & FairPrice Group, and Prudential Assurance Company Singapore, and shares the insights and lessons from their quest to protect and build organisational culture in these challenging times and the benefits these efforts have yielded.

Gain insights on how to: 

  • Combat remote work's effect on relationship and well-being

  • Build trust and safety amidst change and uncertainty

  • Safeguard motivation and accountability  

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