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Unravel the incredible potential that lies within each member of your organisation, driving performance, enhancing collaboration, and fostering a harmonious work environment.

Staying relevant in the Future of Work

According to a 2023 study by Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG), the most important 3 Critical Core Skills (CCS) at work are Self Management, Influence and Creative Thinking. Emotional Intelligence covers the first two.

EQ: The foundation of critical skills

EQ is the root to social skills, communication, stress tolerance, anger management, building trust, and much more.


It's the part of the limbic brain (that goes beyond our rational minds) that helps manage our behavior and relationships.

Top indicator of work performance

TalentSmart tested Emotional Intelligence (EQ) alongside 33 other important workplace skills, and found that EQ is the single biggest predictor of performance, accounting for 58% of performance in all types of jobs.

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Empower Your Organisation:
The Essential Role of Emotional Intelligence
in the Future of Work

Are you ready to take your team to peak productivity and unparalleled collaboration?

Discover the game-changer that top organisations around the world have harnessed — Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It's not just another buzzword; it's the secret sauce that propels teams towards unprecedented success.

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When I came to this course, I did not expect that there were so much depth to this subject. It was eye opening and really changed & opened up my perspective on certain things especially handling difficult topics & conversations. Our trainers (Eng Eng & Alvin) effectively and skilfully merged to take us through the various topics, exercises, in a thought provoking manner. Thanks! I learnt a lot & look forward in applying the skills.

Senior Dealer
Phillip Futures P. L.

The trainers were very engaging and allowed me to see the mistakes in the way I deal with people. Their advice has been effective in both my home and work life.

Deputy Director
Monetary Authority Singapore

Very good introduction to EI, with clear concrete applications to both professional and personal life. Highly Recommended!

APAC Marketing Director,
Global Cosmetic Brand

What Our Clients Say

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Ignite the EQ advantage today 

Ready to witness the transformational impact of Emotional Intelligence on your team's performance? Leverage EQ to unlock the path to peak productivity and unparalleled collaboration. Join us on this remarkable journey towards a brighter future for your organisation.

Sign up now for our exclusive learning experience and gain valuable insights from our Principal Consultant! 

Who should register for this learning experience?

Professionals who are representing their teams/organisations in the following functions:

✓ Human Resources (HR)

✓ Learning and Development (L&D) 

✓ Organisational Development (OD) 

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