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What Type of Boss Are You? Take this Leadership Test to Find Out

Today’s middle managers are overwhelmed by the complex roles they have to play. Learn more about how you can set your middle managers up for success.

There is a strong positive correlation between self-awareness of leaders, their authentic behaviours and, consequently, their leadership effectiveness. - PRATAP NAMBIAR, FOR THE STRAITS TIMES

Becoming a better leader starts with self-awareness.

Every leader leans towards certain basic tendencies. These tendencies have both their strengths and limitations.

Leaders will have a natural tendency to gravitate towards one of these two sides: the tendency to care, or the tendency to challenge. This is often seen as an "either-or" scenario. But to lead effectively means to find the right balance between the two.

Feedback is key to gaining self awareness.

The Boss Type Test is a short quiz to help you uncover your leadership tendencies.

After getting feedback on your tendencies as a leader, you can then determine what you need to do to achieve the and knowing what next steps to take to balance caring and challenging. We call this balance Relational Leadership.

Relational leaders truly and deeply care about their people and are also able to challenge them to be their best. They are both tough and nurturing — driving performance and building relationships. Take this test and we’ll share more about Relational Leadership, along with your test outcome and recommendations. See you on the other side!

Take the Boss Type Test and gain quick and actionable insights on your leadership tendencies and growth areas.

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