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Trust is the Key to a Healthy Culture: ROHEI on 938NOW Radio

Addressing an audience of PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Businessmen), Praise shared insights on a healthy culture and how trust is key to it.


Our Deputy CE, Praise Mok, was interviewed for the Hot Topic segment of The Working Lunch on Mediacorp’s 938NOW, last June 21 and 22.

The first segment, which aired on June 21, was a conversation on culture. Addressing an audience of PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Businessmen), Praise shared insights on a healthy versus unhealthy culture, from her experience working with different organisations in Singapore.

What does a healthy culture look like?

“Some of the things that we’ve observed working in organisations with a healthy culture would be that they experience much lower absenteeism,” Praise shared. “You have individuals that are prepared to work a lot more collaboratively; they have greater ability to recruit as well because they have a much stronger employer brand…There’s a lot more ideation and innovation coming out of cultures that are healthy….There’s a lot less bureaucracy because people are not as concerned about protecting themselves. So generally things move along fast.”

Praise also reinforced that “where there is a healthy culture, there needs to be trust.”

What does a culture without trust look like?

“When a culture of trust is not present, then what you will find is…a very strong silo culture. You could have evidences of backbiting, gossiping, instances where people don’t give credit when work is done, or maybe they take credit for work that was done for themselves….Without trust, all of these evidences will show up,” Praise said.

How does ROHEI help build trust in an organisational culture?

“Normally organisations that want to build a culture of trust need to first be aware of the consequences of a lack of trust. And then after that it really goes to building the leadership, and building the ability of leadership to then build on their ability to relate to each other and to relate to their team,” Praise answered.

“Relationships trump culture,” Praise explained. “When the culture exists, if the relationships are there and they are in place, they can actually trump and overcome and work through the culture.”

Trust is formed through healthy relationships. And healthy relationships create a healthy culture.


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