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Stories of Hope - Crisis Leadership by CEOs and Senior Leaders

Business leaders from FairPrice, Shell, St. James’ Preschool Services, Agape Connecting People, and NVPC share perspectives and experiences on leading during COVID-19


The events of the past months have shaken us – as individuals, teams, corporations, and even as a society. Yet for every cloud, as they say, there is a silver lining.

It was our honour to hear from five senior leaders who led with courage and uncovered precious gems that if not for the storm, would never be found.

This short video chronicles these Stories of Hope. It features five senior leaders: Seah Kian Peng (Group CEO NTUC Enterprise), Aw Kah Peng (Chairman, Shell Companies in Singapore), Dr. Jacqueline Cheung (Academic Director , St. James’ Preschool Services), Anil David (Founder, of Agape Connecting People), and Melissa Kwee (CEO, NVPC).


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