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ROHEI Learning Carnival Upgrade: Now Catering to Up to 600 Learners

Our large-scale learning carnival format has doubled its capacity to train up to 600 learners. See how it turned out at One Team @ SUSS, our largest learning carnival todate.


The Learning Carnival, a high-energy experiential training format pioneered by ROHEI, is designed to engage a large group of learners at a single event. Originally catering to a maximum of 300 learners at a time, the Learning Carnival is now 2x its previous capacity, training up to 600 learners in one training package.

The recent One Team @ SUSS Learning Carnival is the largest learning carnival conducted by ROHEI to date. Co-created with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, the organisation-wide training was designed to strengthen the SUSS team’s culture in light of rapid expansion and organisational changes.

The programme unified the entire SUSS team in fostering an ownership of culture building and collaborating for innovation. A highlight of their annual team-building, the Learning Carnival was attended by 574 participants at the Marina Bay Sands last 26 July 2019.

The ROHEI Learning Carnival: large-scale, deep impact

‍One Team @ SUSS: engaging 574 participants in one training programme

The SUSS team hears from their President, Prof Cheong Hee Kiat, as the culture building and team bonding journey kicks off

STORY-GAMI: reinforcing the SUSS story through a mix of origami and reflection led by storyteller Roger Jenkins

The Reel Bites learning experience takes the SUSS learners deep into understanding the four stages of change

The Hunt awakens the teams' instincts for problem solving, while sharpening dynamics of collaboration

The Learning Carnival: high capacity, high energy, high engagement

Learning Carnivals are a highly engaging affair, infusing the spirit of play into learning through games and competitive activities. A mix of mass learning sessions and smaller group interactions create the optimum rhythm for engagement.

With experiential learning formats both big and small, learning is caught more than taught. Activities are designed to engage both mind and heart and encourage reflection while facilitating strong retention of key principles.

Behind the Learning Carnival: co-creation

SUSS President Prof Cheong Hee Kiat (centre) with ROHEI representatives Sophia Ng, Chief of Strategy and Marketing (left), and Praise Mok, Deputy Chief Executive

Learning Carnivals are designed through a process of co-creation, beginning with deep dialogue with clients. We gain insight into the client’s needs as well as relational dynamics within the organisation.

By co-creating with clients, we are able to establish parallels to workplace scenarios, with relevant content, language, and examples. The result is application back at the workplace for higher engagement and performance.

SUSS: Uniting hundreds of staff towards a single goal

Because of its capacity to engage an entire organisation under one roof, the culture-building and team-building impact of a learning carnival is especially unique, unforgettable, and meaningful for participants.

At SUSS, the learning carnival brought together the academic and non-academic staff of SUSS, allowing them to build new bonds and strengthen relationships while moving forward together in unity.

At the programme’s closing, Prof Cheong Hee Kiat, President of SUSS, shared, “Today you saw the willingness to come together even sometimes among strangers to work together for a common purpose and that is a good thing. I hope that as we go back, that spirit, that transformation that has taken place will be expressed. When we recall what had been done here back to what could be possible in real life, back in our work, we can focus on the goals together and be able to overcome any obstacle we are confronted with.”

Go deep and wide: build culture through high-engagement, large-scale training

Learning Carnivals are large-scale and high-impact, allowing you to maximise your investment in your people.

Chat with us on how you can go both deep and wide as you build your organisation’s culture and strengthen collaboration: set a meeting with our consultants today.


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