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ROHEI Hosts SFDW Preview: Remote Learning for the Future of Work

ROHEI developed a suite of programmes to help PMETs and People Managers deal with issues arising from the new reality of working from home.


Responding to a New Reality

All businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The workforce has been ushered into the new reality of working from home.

With this abrupt shift came distinct challenges:

  • Working with unfamiliar technologies

  • Collaborating virtually

While majority work on a computer on a daily basis, many are not accustomed to meeting and collaborating 100% online.

Many have been thrust into learning new technologies to keep up with their work responsibilities.

Learning new skills and technologies, on top of trying to complete one’s work, has been a source of anxiety in the workforce in this season.

SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace: A Peek into a Remote Learning Solution

In response to this widespread need, ROHEI developed a suite of programmes to help PMETs and People Managers deal with these issues.

Among this suite of programmes is the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) remote programme.

ROHEI organised an online preview of the SFDW programme last Friday, 8 May 2020, showcasing ROHEI’s approach to interactive remote learning. It received enthusiastic responses from participants.

What is SFDW About?

The programme prepares learners for the future of work by developing skills and mindsets that are needed at this time:

  • Learning how to collaborate with others digitally

  • Learning how to work remotely

  • Using tools for collaboration and communication

  • Workplace culture and online etiquette for a remote workforce

  • Working with distance diversity

  • Learning how to learn (learning agility)

  • Growth mindset in times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity

Interactive, Engaging, Real-time Learning

ROHEI’s remote learning experiences are highly participatory and crafted for engagement and sticky learning.

Prior to the session, participants receive a learning parcel delivered to their home. This contains printed materials they will use—hands-on elements that are part of the programme.

With live facilitator-led training, learners experience participative and engaging sessions. Beyond skills development, the training challenges perspectives and beliefs that are limiting, making way for personal growth.

‍Participants receive a Learning Parcel with items they can interact with during the sessions.

Participants responding to questions during the learning process using materials from their learning parcel.

Participants and the ROHEI team sharing their handiwork from the learning agility activity.

Positive Reviews for the SFDW Preview

“After going through this, I am actually quite hopeful that my organisation can move forward in this new way.”

SIOK HUI TAN, L&D MANAGER, Conrad Centennial Singapore


"The session was relevant and I can see it being applied back to the workplace (for example, the need to be agile). Also, everything was well-thought-of, from the articles shared with us to the Learning Parcel we received."

TING TING KOH, School Staff Developer

Prepare Your Team for the Future of Work

For more information on how you can prepare your team to perform effectively in the digital space, schedule a chat with us now.


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