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Building Culture: Teamwork

Janabel shares her thoughts on how working in a team allows individuals to energize one another, bringing joy to the workplace!


I was recently featured in “We the Citizens of Singapore,” a travelling exhibition by NPTD, the National Population and Talent Division. I represented ROHEI in the Progress section, themed “I do my part to help my team succeed.” ROHEI caught the eye of The Thought Collective, the team behind the exhibition, because of our diverse workforce and reputed strong team culture at work.

We do have quite an unusual work culture. But unusual in a good way. I describe it as safe and joyful. I also appreciate working in a diverse team that shares a common passion for nurturing people while contributing to the local and global workforce.

We deliberately put people first in our culture, and challenge traditional business and work perspectives. “Instead of the traditional perspective of using people to serve the business, we use our workplace as an opportunity to serve and build people up,” is a viewpoint held by Rachel Ong, our Chief Executive.

I started my journey with ROHEI as an intern in 2012 and I enjoyed my internship so much that I was thrilled when ROHEI offered me a full-time position as a Consultant in 2014 upon my university graduation. Taking up the offer was thus immediate!

I believe that we are always better as a team than as an individual because being in a team allows us to go beyond our personal limitations through learning from one another. Working in a team allows us to give and receive feedback, be it appreciative or developmental, which is critical for growth and progress. More importantly, working in a team allows individuals to energise one another, bringing joy to the workplace!

Working in a team allows individuals to energize one another, bringing joy to the workplace!

“It’s amazing to be in the company of people who want you to succeed, people who are committed to you,” shares Ana del Castillo, one of our Consultants. It’s transformational. Work culture affects how a team works together, how it performs, and how it makes an impact in the world.

Culture shapes us more than we realise. “When we practice kindness and people-centric values, we are able to impart them to our program participants and clients both by example and by principle,” shares Karen Chan, our Vice President and Director of Operations at ROHEI. “We are very deliberate about building and sustaining our culture of people over process.”

We work hard to protect our culture, unusual as it is in the corporate world. We also believe that it’s not out of reach. It starts with us, and by sharing it, we can create a ripple effect. And wherever you are, it can start with you too.


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