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Timothy Khoo

Senior Consultant

For over a quarter of a century, Timothy has led, mentored and coached leaders from a multiplicity of vocations and positions in over a hundred countries. Prior to his appointment as President and CEO, Timothy served for over two decades in various roles at Prison Fellowship International; an organisation encompassing 126 national affiliates.

His responsibilities included ~ International Training Director, Director for Asia Pacific, Director of Field Operations, Executive Vice President, and Executive Director of the Institute for Leadership Formation.

He served 4 years at the Ministry of Defense, Singapore as a Management Trainer and in the last year, as Chief Management Trainer, overseeing the strategic management development of staff at all levels of the Ministry of Defense.

For Timothy, ‘why' must come before ‘how' and ‘what'. Well-read, philosophical, deeply articulate and most importantly, having been in the hot seat of the highest office in an organization, he is able to help you uncover the duplicity that leaders wittingly or unwittingly believe that threatens derailment. As he walks with a limp, his scars visible, he invites you to a journey of conversation and through that journey the discovery of renewed meaning, purpose, and passion.

A former President and Chief Executive Officer of a global charitable organisation, Timothy now lives with the reality of experiencing the undeniable fact that true leadership is not only exercised with skillful hands but with integrity of heart.

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Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)


  • Leadership Development

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