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Karen Lim


With an impressive track record spanning 20 years in the training space, Karen has successfully equipped teams and client-facing staff to meet rigorous standards of service excellence. She has partnered with key clients, including UOB, Marina Bay Sands, SRA, SIRS, and Select Group, delivering tailored training solutions that have garnered positive feedback.

Karen facilitated change management programmes for organisations in multinational companies (MNCs), governmental agencies and the education sectors. Her past clients include UOB, with over 2000 participants. She has coached over 50 SME leaders over the years and has trained over 500 participants in workshops on Effective Personal Productivity, Effective Leadership Development, and Effective Team Dynamics. Her work in this area has helped organisations navigate and adapt to significant changes effectively.

Karen also facilitates workshops on building resilience. Being immersed in the rigours of the service industry and what customer service teams need to thrive, Karen has a keen awareness of what learners face. She works directly with stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of client issues, needs, and provide valuable input in formulating solutions. 

Karen has also been instrumental in training executives in the finance and asset management industries, focusing on building resilience. Participants in her programmes have left feeling 'affirmed, motivated, and encouraged’ as they gained valuable tools to navigate challenges and thrive in their demanding roles.

With her wide-ranging experience, Karen is versatile, with an ability to collaborate effectively with people from various organisational cultures and backgrounds. Her ability to calmly address difficult issues puts learners at ease, creating a safe space for meaningful and effective learning.

Clients credit Karen for the transformative impact of her work. A CEO of a client in the food service industry has reported that “My executive chef R transformed from someone who is quick tempered to a leader who cares and listens to his team after the 2.5 months of leadership programme...I’m impressed and wonder what happened.” 

Karen’s wealth of experience covers retail and service industries. Prior to joining ROHEI, she worked at NTUC Fair Price as Training Executive and Aster Spring as Customer Service Manager.

Karen served at CAN Training and Consultancy Pte Ltd as a Principal Consultant, where she successfully designed and delivered customised WSQ certified training programmes for public and private organisations.

Karen has served as Associate Trainer, working with several other training groups for over 6 years, including EnviroHealth, Training Vision Institute, and Leadership Management Institute.

Karen is a seasoned trainer and consultant with a wealth of experience, known for her thoughtful calmness that imparts confidence in learners even in high-stress and constantly changing environments.

More about

Karen is an advocate of lifelong learning. She believes we cannot find time but rather, we have to make time, and focus on what matters every day. Karen advocates for family values and serves in the Board of Directors of SPFA (Singapore Planned Families Association).

A mother of 3, Karen enjoys fellowship with friends over meals, having intimate conversations, and sharing challenges, testimonies, and learning about each others’ life’s purpose.

Accreditations & Certification

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA). Workforce Singapore (Formerly Workforce Development Agency), Singapore.

  • DACE (Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education, IAL 2014)

  • Diploma in Human Resource Development DHRD (SIM), 2004


  • Change Management

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