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Abigail Shantini K.


Abigail's training abilities shine through as she successfully trained programmes for leaders and culture ambassadors from large MNCs to government agencies, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. In regional emerging leadership programmes, she nurtured and shaped future leaders to excel in their roles. Senior leaders at a large hospitality group benefited greatly from her delivery of ROHEI’s signature Emotional Intelligence programme, which honed their leadership skills and emotional acumen.

Since joining ROHEI in 2020, Abigail has been upskilling the learners to meet the demands of the current era through the Digital Workplace programme. In addition to equipping them with pertinent digital skill sets required, she also helped to develop the curriculum. Abigail has also trained participants in the UOB Better U Program that aims to encourage a growth mindset, develop complex problem solving skills, and equip learners with skills in the fields of digital innovation, human-centred design and data.

With Abigail's clear and concise training approach, she has partnered a Singapore-based multinational real estate company on a multi-run team-building programme that yielded tangible results in enhancing team dynamics. She has also contributed significantly to the growth of educators from multiple MOE primary and secondary schools, empowering them with relational leadership skills and the art of giving and receiving feedback.

Her expertise in leadership development has benefited various organisations, as she helps hone emerging leaders and middle managers through WSQ courses on People and Relationship Management and Service Leadership.

Abigail is a seasoned consultant and trainer who brings a wealth of expertise in curriculum development, training, and group facilitation, drawing from her background as an educator in earlier years to empower individuals and organisations.

More about

Abigail’s alter ego enjoys dabbling in artsy activities like film photography and taking on hosting/voice-over gigs. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with loved ones and mentoring youths in her church.

Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Advanced Certificate in Learning & Performance, Institute of Adult Learning (2022)


  • Change Management

  • Leadership Development

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