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ROHEI Launches Emerging Leaders Relational Leadership Track

14 February 2019
Businesses don’t create value; people do. - HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

Developing a leadership pipeline is paramount to business sustainability.

“Companies face leadership gaps at every level of the organization,” Deloitte says. “These gaps can only be filled through a sustained and systemic commitment to leadership development that identifies potential leaders earlier, brings young leaders online faster, develops senior leaders later in their careers and keeps them on the job longer, and builds new leadership pipelines at every level of the company.”

Leadership development, as a long term strategy, must start from the onset—identifying and grooming future leaders.

Emerging Leaders - Courageous Conversations

The Emerging Leaders Relational Leadership Track

Introducing ROHEI’s new Emerging Leaders Relational Leadership track, created for high performers who are not yet managers and have been identified by their superiors as potential leaders of the organisation. The programme aims to develop the reliability and credibility of these would-be people managers and groom them to be credible influencers and relational leaders.

A learning journey with experiential programmes and coaching

The Emerging Leaders Relational Leadership Track is designed as a learning journey to help emerging leaders develop relational competencies. The programme develops self-awareness in new leaders to help them discover their leadership brand. This will help them build relationships and trust, personal resilience, and help them influence for agreement.

Contextualised experiential programmes and coaching ensures that learning is relevant to workplace situations. At the same time, the learning journey creates a safe environment for them to practise leadership skills and receive feedback—essential elements of the learning process.


Client Testimonial

I would be comfortable to say that generally, there is an increase in the confidence level of our Emerging Leaders in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues and clients. Some of them have been elevated to take up section and team leadership positions, and I think the programme has given them the skills and confidence necessary for them to perform their tasks as leaders.

We noted that ROHEI is able to tailor the EL programme to suit and make relevant to the competencies required of being a leader. The approach of combining role plays, coaching and skills practice works for them. Also, the trainers are able to build a trusted relationship with the trainees which helps in accelerating their learning.


Client Testimonial

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ROHEI Learning & Consulting

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