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Leadership Development

New Programme! Building Resilience and Wellness In Virtual Teams

29 September 2020

Stress is on the rise.  Remote work is taking a toll on the workforce.

Resilience Stats Graphic

Research also shows that people who are unsupported through stressful times can exhibit emotional symptoms like anxiety, agitation, a sense of being overwhelmed, and helplessness. 


These issues are a threat to people’s health and wellness, and consequently to an organisations’ ability to bounce back from this crisis.


Resilience and wellness contribute to high performance. A healthy team is better equipped to navigate this growing cyclone of change.


Helping PMETs build resilience to manage challenges and change

Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams places key emphasis on mindset and heartset as it guides PMETs on how to recalibrate and equip themselves with concrete steps to build their resilience. 


The programme offers learners the opportunity to take time to think about what is going on, what is causing stress, what is causing me not to be effective and what is affecting my wellness. - EDDIE ENG, ROHEI PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT AND CO-DESIGNER OF THE CURRICULUM


Visit the Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams programme page.


Helping PMETs work and relate effectively in a remote team setting

In the remote working space, one needs to acquire skills to connect, collaborate, and communicate in virtual teams to perform effectively. The programme helps PMETs develop these skills to be effective in the day-to-day of remote work.

Participants get the chance to reflect and recalibrate their realities, roles and responsibilities. 


Helping PMETs work well with their managers

Working from home is new to the manager as well as to the staff. Staff will need to learn how to effectively work with their manager and supervisor, agreeing on expectations and responsibilities.

Part of staff's responsibilities as a virtual worker is to build trust with their manager and team up for sustainable collaboration.


High-engagement remote delivery

“The programme is heavy on application. So that at the end of the programme, learners will know exactly what they need to do and what actions they can take,” says programme co-designer Pem Zimik.

Our remote learning experiences are designed to be as engaging and effective as our face-to-face programmes. They are synchronous and apply a multi-modal learning design, giving way for peer discussions and skills practice with cognitive, emotive, and even tactile elements. 

Your team will be in the good hands of relational facilitators enabled by a learning support team, to ensure a safe and seamless learning environment, for impactful learning that is caught and not just taught.

Learn more about the Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams programme here.

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