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ROHEI’s New SFDW Incorporates ChatBot Development and Data Visualisation

ROHEI creates an open mindset to technology through ChatBot Development & Data Visualization in a new SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace workshop variant.


ROHEI has been providing the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) programme since its launch in 2017. The programme is designed to develop learning agility and cultivate an open mindset crucial for staff to adopt digital initiatives.

Having trained over 4,500 learners from 60 organisations with the 2-day and LearnBot variants, ROHEI introduces a new variant that incorporates ChatBot development and Data Visualisation.

Co-creation of contextualised SFDW programme with Singapore Statutory Board

Having attended ROHEI's SFDW preview for the Public Service, this Statutory Board shared that they were looking for a training provider to help future proof their workforce to be more data-driven and technology-enabled. This programme was to support its transformation into a Workplace of the Future.

They were looking to train all managers from various departments across the organisation from operations and communications to legal. Having considering training approach and content as well as the culture of partner organisations, they decided to partner ROHEI to develop an SFDW variant to meet their needs.

Dispelling myths and anxiety around the use of technology

To make technology accessible to anyone who wants to develop technical skills and to create an openness to use new technology, this Statutory Board identified ChatBot development and Data Visualization as two areas the contextualised programme should incorporate. The training should be hands-on with specific applications back to the workplace.

To create an open mindset toward emerging technologies

ChatBot Development can help learners create an open mindset toward emerging technologies: how they are relevant and can act as an enabler for their work. Learners are able to appreciate the importance of their work experience through the designing of ChatBot conversations.

To understand the benefits of data visualisation

Learners explore the benefits of data visualisation through the use of the Tableau tool. This is to create interest and buy-in for a mandatory tableau training that all managers will soon attend to equip them to take a more data-driven approach to their work.

Learn more about overcoming digital adoption challenges in the Building Digital Confidence E-book.

Design Spotlight: How to Develop a ChatBot in 1-hr with No Coding Experience

The compressed timeframe automatically engages the emotions of the learners who have had no prior experience in coding or ChatBots. "I tell the participants that they will now develop a ChatBot from scratch within the next 45 mins to an hour and their eyes all open really wide", explained Ms Angel Marie Baguinat, ROHEI Curriculum Designer and Trainer.

Business vector created by upklyak -

"Learners progress from a feeling of disbelief to excitement from participating in the challenge. They feel a sense of achievement when they get their ChatBots up and running and begin to test each other's ChatBots."

"Often we see the more IT savvy leave it to their colleagues who are less experienced to play the role of the technical team in the building of the ChatBot system during the 1-hour. The system is that easy to learn", observed Angel.

This allows everyone to play an active part in focusing on their domain knowledge to understand how to build the ChatBot. "It's very interesting to see the service team, who didn't know how to build a ChatBot, really engaged in giving their input from what they have heard from the ground and meeting so many people in the service centres."

Feedback from Client Capability Development Team

“Super Impressive feedback! I have never seen so many Strongly Agrees and 5s. Big kudos to the TEAM – Please give our thanks to everyone on the TEAM both yourselves and the Experience Team. Thank you for the fantastic Facilitation and Design, for creating such a fantastic environment for learning and for the awesome experience that is ROHEI.” - Senior Manager, Capability & Organisation Development

Feedback from initial runs

Some key takeaways from learners:

  • Never give up in anything and everything in life.

  • The only barrier is ourselves; there’s no age restriction to learning.

  • To continue learning and overcome the obstacles.

  • Adapt to the changing world.

  • Don’t ever restrict yourself and you have more potential than you think to embrace the digital future.

  • Technology change is not that scary. You just have to be open to the change.

  • Technology is evolving quickly, we have to be willing to learn and adapt. Do not be afraid to learn no matter the limitations that you may face.

  • Learning does not stop. It is a continuous thing. Just enjoy the ride and somehow I will get there with these new things I've learned from this workshop.

  • To be adaptive and always learning new technology to improve on my own life and work.

  • Nothing is impossible, I'm never too old to learn.

  • Real-life difficulties are not an excuse to give up and stop learning.

  • Keep learning! No more excuse!


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