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Change Management

ROHEI Learning Series: The Art and Science of Transformation

5 March 2019

ROHEI hosted the Art & Science of Transformation Learning Series, gathering over 100 change leaders, CEOs, and CHROs to hear insights from four speakers from different dimensions of managing people-centred transformation. Here are some key insights that were shared during our morning together.

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How ROHEI can help you with Change Management

We help organisations manage the people aspect of their change journeys. Find out more about our approach here.

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Other Insights

25 May 2022 ROHEI

How to Lead Gen Z: 4 Principles for Managers

Gen Zs are entering the workforce. For leaders, understanding the needs and mindsets of this new generation is critical. Building trust with Gen Zs through relationships motivates them to do their best, unleashing their fullest potential.

21 April 2022 Karen Chan

How Do You Strengthen the Manager-Staff Connection? A Manager's Thoughts

The post-pandemic workforce prioritises their wellbeing and sense of purpose at work. Karen Chan, who has been managing teams at ROHEI for 14 years, shares about how to be a better people manager — to meet the relational needs of staff while nurturing a high-performing environment.

08 April 2022 ROHEI

Purpose and How It Has Helped ROHEI Through Crisis [Video]

In the wake of the pandemic, employees now expect organisations to have and act on a genuine purpose that benefits society. How can companies that have lost sight of their corporate purpose begin to build a purposeful workplace?