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Rachel Ong

Chief Executive

In 2007, Rachel began the work behind the founding of ROHEI, pursuing a calling to serve the global workforce. From an initial staff of two, Rachel now leads a team of over 60 full-time consultants and staff. Together with the team, they built a strong culture of trust in the organisation which is recognised by Great Place to Work and Top Employer Brands. Today, ROHEI has since expanded into China with a base in Shanghai. 

Dedicated to Culture Building, Rachel has spent more than 2 decades in the Learning and Development space. ROHEI has partnered over 100 organisations and worked with Senior Leaders in Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Family Enterprise, Education and the Public Sector in Singapore and China.

In 2001, Rachel started Trybe, an organisation accorded the Institute of Public Character (IPC) status. Today, Trybe runs 3 entities; Singapore Boys Hostel, a youth probation institution, Community Rehabilitation Centre, a drug rehab for first-time drug abusers as well as Trybe Aftercare.

As Chief Executive, Rachel focuses on building a high-trust culture at ROHEI, creating a workplace where people and results are honoured.

More about

Rachel is a brilliant prankster. She is afraid of the gym, but enjoys walks, reading, playing the piano, and watching ice hockey live.


  • Culture Building

  • Leadership Development

Education & Qualifications


  • MBA, Tsinghua University

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