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Praise Mok

Deputy Chief Executive

Praise has nearly 20 years experience in the Learning and Development industry and has been an agent of innovation and change at ROHEI.

A key member of the founding team during its early years, Praise pioneered ROHEI’s experiential learning formats that were compelling and challenging for the learners. These learning experiences can be scaled to cater to groups as large as 200 - 300 pax, otherwise known as a Learning Carnival and resulted in major shifts in heartset and mindset—learning that is caught, not taught. The results speak for themselves: highly commended, effective and made a lasting impact on our clients.

Praise was extensively involved in the design development and delivery of Emotional Intelligence and Building High Performance Teams—ROHEI signature programmes in our corporate training repertoire.  She also created experiences to help learners build resilience and manage change effectively.

Believing in the arts as a powerful and profound vehicle of learning, Praise integrated pottery, storytelling, photography and painting in delivering learning. The pottery-inspired learning experience, BAO resonated highly with senior leaders in government institutions, SMEs, and MNCs. As part of our use of the arts, Praise also weaved storytelling into an experience to host a townhall of 700 staff from a key statutory board.

Praise is not only the lead creator of our learning and development solutions which support our strategic imperatives, she also spearheads capability development of the unique ROHEI trainer who is inspiring, authentic and relational.

Praise has consulted with SMEs, MNCs, and key government organisations and Institutes of Higher Learning to navigate change, and equip leaders with the relational skills and people sensitivity which are critical to smoothen the path to change.

Praise is a thought leader in the L&D space, having been invited to speak and moderate at notable platforms such as IAL’s Adult Educator Learning Day and CIPD-IHRP Think Tank Roundtable 2018. She was also invited to contribute to the Framework Development for Training and Adult Education sector by SkillsFuture Singapore.

Deputy CE Praise Mok pioneered ROHEI’s experiential approach to learning. She continues to direct ROHEI’s process of creating transformative learning experiences to ensure they are relevant, powerful, enjoyable, and effective.

More about

Praise is energised by family and community. A mother of four rambunctious children—two singletons and a set of twins—she is also the wife of a husband who harbours secret hopes of being a musician.

Family life is fodder for comedy and weekends are often spent in the company of family and friends. In the midst of these daily happenings, Praise has gained many valuable insights about life and living, insights that have often been woven into her learning and development interventions.

Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Law (Honors) from National University of Singapore

  • Master of Training and Development with Griffith University, Australia

  • Specialist Adult Educator (Curriculum Design), Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore (2017)

  • Licensed Coaching Clinic® Facilitator

  • Certified Behavioural Consultant in DISC® Technology, TICS/Values System, Big5®

  • Certified in the use of 15Q+® and Learning Styles Inventory®

  • Engaged by the Singapore government as a curriculum specialist


  • ‍Change Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Experience Design

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