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Develop Your Game Changers Relational Leadership for People Managers

October 19, 2022

Employee experience, connection, collaboration, retention and performance all hinge on the people manager – managers with empathy, and the ability to engage and build trust.


From managing workers to caring for whole people


"Organizations succeed when their people succeed. And the most critical role for helping every person achieve their best work is clear—their manager.” – LINKEDIN X GLINT, STATE OF THE MANAGER REPORT 2021
"Employees expect to feel supported, motivated, and valued by their manager—and are ready to quit if they dont." — HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW


As disruption continues to accelerate, people managers are more critical than ever for organisations to succeed in the long term. People managers are the game changers, and what they need is relational competence.

We recently developed a foundational programme to equip managers to enable people and the organisation to flourish: Relational Leadership for People Managers.

Wan Qi, one of our account managers at ROHEI, shares more in this video:

Let's connect and develop trusted and relationally competent leaders at your organisation.





“They were able to find new solutions to problems and take these lessons with them into the workplace. As such, we have noticed that our leaders and people have developed greater psychological maturity and are able to rise to the challenges they faced in the workplace with greater confidence.”DIRECTOR, MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY


"Now that we’ve been back in the office for a couple of days, I’m already seeing instances where my officers are applying the lessons learnt at ROHEI both by initiating conversations on difficult issues, and by responding with empathy and a genuine desire to understand the other person’s perspective and feelings.  I’m so heartened to see this shift and I am confident that the ROHEI programme will make us an even stronger team.  Thank you for this amazing gift."EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, NATIONAL REGULATORY AUTHORITY

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