Life at ROHEI

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Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a Gift! Angel, Royston and Fran from the Guest Experience Team share some great tips that will make you want to share feedback with your colleagues.

Courage and Change: Flourish in Your Lane

Ann shares her story and the top 3 things she learned in her personal change journey to find a lane she loves.

Millennials at the Workplace

A conversation between 3 generations - Rachel speaks with our trainer Sherman and our intern Celine on their thoughts on what brings out the best in each generation.

How Can A Shy Person Lead?

Rachel provides a perspective of how a shy person can lead by knowing their purpose, focus on the compelling mission they have and learning to use their strengths more.

Why I Love My Workplace

Jonathan shares his thoughts on Being Valued, Vision and Culture and how it plays a part in his experience of work in ROHEI.

Building Culture: Teamwork

Janabel shares her thoughts on how working in a team allows individuals to energize one another, bringing joy to the workplace!