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Life at ROHEI

News and updates on programmes, events, and press features

Lessons From Behind the Scenes

Amidst the pressures of working in a crisis, Esther gets her first dose of reality and reluctantly initiates a courageous conversation with a colleague.

What’s in a Glass?

What goes on behind the screen in creating a remote learning experience? Our trainer Esther takes you on an inside look at what she has been learning so far.

The ROHEI Oddity

You never know how odd you really are until you see yourself from another point of view. Esther shows us exactly that as she shares her experience becoming part of the strange new world called ROHEI.

Hold the Space, Safely

Esther shares her journey of understanding what it means to hold the space. More than just helping people feel better, it's about being present with the person's pain and thought.

Life Repurposed: Riding the Crisis Wave

Karen shares how she responded to the COVID-19 crisis at work and at home, repurposing life and embracing opportunities to learn and grow.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Feedback is a Gift! Angel, Royston and Fran from the Guest Experience Team share some great tips that will make you want to share feedback with your colleagues.

Courage and Change: Flourish in Your Lane

Ann shares her story and the top 3 things she learned in her personal change journey to find a lane she loves.

Millennials at the Workplace

A conversation between 3 generations - Rachel speaks with our trainer Sherman and our intern Celine on their thoughts on what brings out the best in each generation.

How Can A Shy Person Lead?

Rachel provides a perspective of how a shy person can lead by knowing their purpose, focus on the compelling mission they have and learning to use their strengths more.

Why I Love My Workplace

Jonathan shares his thoughts on Being Valued, Vision and Culture and how it plays a part in his experience of work in ROHEI.