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Building a culture of trust where people and results are honoured

How can a company experience sustainable, long-term success? Today, top-of-mind for great companies include the likes of Google, Salesforce, Nike, and Berkshire Hathaway. The challenge to every business leader is to build a great company as defined by its people, results and culture.

The Insight

Today’s leadership is under extreme pressure to meet business goals in such a volatile environment, to be agile enough to withstand the accelerating pace of change, and to have a team of high performers dedicated to the company for the long run.

3 Important factors in overcoming business challenges



Impact of Culture on business results can be 20-30% more vs control and must not be underestimated.


Organisational Agility

An organisation that is agile is built to adapt to constant changes and uncertainties.


Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are emotionally committed to go above and beyond for their work.


Culture is the most critical in solving business challenges

Culture influences behaviours, actions, and decisions in a company. It is not a by-product but rather a deliberate and strategic undertaking. Culture is seen to have direct impact on performance, engagement, innovation, agility, and the ability of an organisation to learn, grow, and adapt.

Culture is the overlooked factor in overcoming business challenges.
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Importance of Culture

There are different types of corporate or organisational culture. They each contribute to the success of the business in distinct ways:

Culture of Excellence

Culture of Excellence

Culture of Innovation

Culture of Innovation

Culture of Learning & Growth

Culture of Learning & Growth

At the foundation of every business culture is the element of trust.

Trust is the key to a culture that promotes success, whether an organisation is striving for excellence, innovation, or growth.


Our Philosophy & Approach

Culture is to a company what soil is to a plant. Good soil nurtures the seeds, influencing how the plants grow, develop, and bear fruit.

Building your company culture allows you to create good soil for your organisation. Your culture becomes a reflection of your organisation’s values, enabling practices, behaviours, and attitudes that are healthy and life-affirming.


Culture building is an organisation-wide process

Cultivating a culture of trust is a deliberate undertaking requiring organisation-wide commitment and participation, starting from the top.

Culture is not built overnight but requires long-term investment and nurturing. It is intentional and the know-how can be acquired.


Culture of Trust

Psychologically-safe environment

Shared ownership of organisation vision and values

Trusted and relationally competent leaders

Cohesive teams that honour and help one another grow

People flourishing in their lanes

How we help our clients

Global Insurance Company


We helped a global insurance company embrace and live out their value on customer-centricity through a company-wide values alignment workshop.

Urban Solutions Provider


We helped a leading urban solutions provider clearly communicate their values through an organisation-wide values intervention spanning several countries.

Institute of Higher Learning


We helped an IHL in Singapore build culture advocacy through staff engagement and alignment of organisational goals and vision so that everyone in the IHL resonates with & is moved by its vision and purpose.

The ROHEI work ethic demonstrated by every staff member is truly an example of the culture that every organisation wants to build. You feel hosted by the entire team when you hold a programme at ROHEI.

After the programme, staff and managers alike started to embrace our company core values in their leadership, which was seen in their daily communication and work execution. All these also led to improvements in our staff engagement, reduction of staff turnover and greater cross functional collaboration towards common business goals.

Head, Learning & Development
S$20 Billion Urban Solutions Provider