Change Management

Navigating the people aspect of change journeys

Our Philosophy & Approach

We help our clients navigate the people aspect of their change journeys. A well-prepared and skillful team is the strongest asset your organisation can have to take advantage of opportunities that change transformation brings.

Managing change requires the entire organisation

Managing the change process is both top down and bottom up. It requires active participation and ownership at all levels of the organisation. Different negative responses to change can include:




Being paralysed
into inaction

toxic disagreements

Toxic disagreements


Active resistance

Addressing the people aspect of change is more than conducting town hall sessions and asking for feedback. It should really be about addressing the mindset and enabling the active participation of the people.

Leaders need to be able to not only communicate a clear direction but also address the underlying and often unspoken concerns that their people feel in a time of change.

Everyone in the organisation in turn needs to adopt an open mindset to be able to learn and adapt so that they are able to continue to contribute meaningfully to the business.

people first

What we do for those leading and managing change

We help leaders adopt a people-centric approach to establishing alignment to and leading change. We do this by equipping them with range of skills to implement change while keeping engagement and trust high.

For Senior Leaders

We help leaders overcome people challenges when developing their change plans and getting buy-in with different stakeholders. This process can be a delicate one and can sometimes lead to conflict because of the pressures involved with this decision.

For Managers

Managers often find themselves caught in the middle of the change process. They may have already bought in to the changes but are often ill prepared to help others through the transition.

We equip managers with key relational skills to be able to effectively manage the people aspect of the transitions.

What we do for staff who need to embrace change

It can be challenging for employees to respond to the many changes that are occurring in their workplace and to their jobs. We help teams prepare for change by developing an open mindset and practical skills necessary to be able to proactively contribute to the change process. These include:

  • Understanding their instinctive responses to change
  • Learning about the change process and assessing their readiness
  • Developing personal resilience in times of change
  • Developing learning agility and an attitude of lifelong learning
  • Strengthening teamwork and understand success from a wider perspective
  • Increasing digital confidence and openness to technology disruptions

Managing the People Aspect of Digital Tranformation


How we help our clients

Singapore Government Agency

culture building

We helped a Singapore government agency with managing the change process through a major restructuring process as they transitioned into separate agencies.

Local Bank

culture building

We helped a leading local bank create a mindset of openness and digital confidence in transiting 900 of their customer-facing staff to alternative roles because of disruptions in the finance industry.

Global Management Consultancy

culture building

We helped a global management consultancy equip their leadership with relational skills to manage the people aspect of a major division restructure.

The training also helped me understand my team members more at a personal level and that in itself is priceless. And now seeing that they themselves have become united or cohesive & cooperative with each other. The strong team allows the leader to weather the tough situations.

Now, morale has improved. The team building has helped. Team members felt close with each other.  There were reduced conflicts between people. The results speak for themselves. Other people could see the transformation in my team.

Choo Chong Cher
Manager, PMO Practice at Hewlett Packard Singapore (Sales) Pte Ltd