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    Culture Building

    We build a culture of trust where people and results are honoured

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    Leadership Development

    We develop trusted and relationally competent leaders

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    Change Management

    We navigate the people aspect of change journeys

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    Who We Are

    We are a learning and consulting partner in building a culture of trust where people and results are honoured.

    We develop trusted and relationally competent leaders and help organisations navigate the people aspect of their change journeys.

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    Why Choose Us

    Experiential Learning Design

    Experiential Learning Design

    A diverse set of expertise looks at every detail for learning design that is immersive and experiential – engaging all senses and allowing for learning to be caught and not just taught.

    Authentic and Relational Team

    Authentic and Relational Team

    Our facilitators and coaches have the courage to be vulnerable, creating an emotionally safe environment for deep reflection and learning. We believe in radical hospitality and going the extra mile to make every person feel valued.

    Co-creation of Solutions

    Co-creation of Solutions

    Deep dialogue with clients and stakeholder engagement give us insight into the underlying issues and relational dynamics at play. This allows for targeted and meaningful facilitation, relational reconciliation and greater workplace impact.

    Top Employer 2018
    Great Place To Work | Asia
    Great Place To Work | Singapore
    Best Corporate Training Provider 2017

    What Our Clients Say

    Thank you for the impactful and inspiring learning experience you and your team designed and facilitated for us yesterday. You have shown us that learning is fun. More importantly, you and your team exemplified what you were trying to get us to learn. That is powerful. It will be hard to forget these lessons learnt from such engaging experiences.

    Singapore Government Agency

    Wen Wei and team were great facilitators. They managed the process and eased us from a non threatening Icebreaker, through a clay work exercise, and to eventually opening up and sharing our aspirations and dreams as individuals, and our challenges at the workplace. The process they helped create provided for a safe space for authentic sharing, conversations, and started the process of healing and rebuilding of trust.

    Deputy Chief Executive
    Singapore Statutory Board

    We noted that ROHEI is able to tailor the Emerging Leaders program to suit and make relevant to the competencies required of being a leader. The approach of combining role plays, coaching and skills practice works for them. Also, the trainers are able to build trusted relationship with the trainees which helps in accelerating their learning.

    Lee Ang Seng
    Managing Director
    Beca – Singapore & Myanmar

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    15 November 2019 Case Studies,Culture Building

    Building a Culture of Innovation: A Case Study on Increasing Agility and Resilience Through Safety and Trust

    We partnered with Kemin Singapore in building a culture of innovation that resulted in increased engagement and higher levels of risk-taking and accountability in their staff.

    04 November 2019 Leadership Development

    What Leaders Cannot Fail to Do When Leading Change

    By default, people see change as a threat, and this makes it challenging to implement change successfully. How can leaders overcome this barrier and turn change from threat to opportunity?