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Designing Remote Engagement for Young Learners

SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace for Preschools

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The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled educators to pivot into the space of remote learning

Educators today are tasked to figure out how to conduct lessons on a digital platform, how to transform content from face-to-face to digital delivery, how to ensure transfer of learning whilst staying connected and engaged with students online. On top of all that, teachers also have to engage and partner with parents to support the learning of students.

“SFDW - Designing Remote Engagement for Young Learners” is an interactive hands-on programme co-created with leading preschool educators to equip teachers with digital confidence and skills to use different technologies for teaching and engaging children.

This innovative programme is packed with interactive learning and hands-on practicums to explore varied educational technologies and online tools.


What You Will Learn

This programme is specially designed for you to:

  • Adopt a growth mindset and learn strategies to adapt and learn quickly
  • Increase awareness of emerging educational technologies that are impacting learning
  • Understand how to use online tools to create impactful learning materials and to effectively engage students
  • Learn how to ensure that you and your students are safe and secure during remote learning

How You Will Benefit

When you apply what you have learnt, you will be able to:

  • Build a growth mindset and learning agility to embrace present and future changes with openness
  • Increase your digital confidence and acquire skills with digital tools for better online teaching, engagement and collaboration
  • Increase your confidence and skill in the partnering with parents and caregivers as key stakeholders in remote learning


Delivery Modes

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Remote via laptop and desktop
12-hour ‘LIVE’ interactive remote learning


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Programme Details

Course Fee

Contact us to learn more

Class Size & Registration

20-32 pax per class. Registration will be via organisation HR.

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