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Relational Leadership, Leadership Development

How You Can Grow in Leadership Effectiveness

4 September 2020


Effective leaders are those who get results, but do it in a way that inspires their team and the people around them. How is this done?

Leaders will have a natural tendency to gravitate towards one of these two sides: the tendency to care, or the tendency to challenge. This is often seen as an "either-or" scenario where the focus is to find the right balance between the two. However, there are leaders who can simultaneously do both. We call this Relational Leadership.

Relational Leadership: Care Deeply and Challenge Directly

Relational Leaders truly and deeply care about their people and are also able to challenge them to be their best. They are both tough and nurturing — driving performance and building relationships.


The Real8Ability Factors

Relational Leadership is practised using the Real8Ability Factors: When a leader invests in building relationship with his team, he is able to see, hear, understand, care for, and appreciate each person’s situation. Communication and concern builds trust, creating a safe place for the leader to challenge, encourage, and support the high performing employee.

R8 Video

Trusted and Relationally Competent Leaders honour both people and results.

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