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Insights for today's leaders on culture building, leadership development, and change management

Latest Insights

28 August 2020

Culture Building

Building Culture in a Time of Crisis [E-Book]

Culture is essential to building a high-performing team. But remote work threatens to erode organisational culture that leaders have painstakingly built.

25 May 2020

Culture Building

Psychological Safety: A Must-Have in Times of Disruption

An atmosphere of psychological safety is a key enabler of an innovative, high-performing team equipped to face threats such as disruption.

16 April 2020

Culture Building

What it Takes to Be a Safe and Trusted Leader

Are you a safe and trusted leader? Here’s how you can measure and strengthen your trust quotient.

15 January 2020

Culture Building

The Critical Role of Culture Building: Whose Job Is It?

Organisational culture has many facets and functions, but who’s in charge of building culture? The role of building culture is very much tied to what culture is meant to achieve.

15 November 2019

Case Studies, Culture Building

Building a Culture of Innovation: A Case Study on Increasing Agility and Resilience Through Safety and Trust

We partnered with Kemin Singapore in building a culture of innovation that resulted in increased engagement and higher levels of risk-taking and accountability in their staff.

7 October 2019

Culture Building

#AskRachelOng Episode 34 - SMEs and Change

SMEs may find themselves low on resources, but can thrive by being high in agility. In this episode, learn what has helped our staff and organisation develop the agility needed to successfully navigate change.

30 August 2019

Culture Building

#AskRachelOng Episode 33 - SMEs and the Talent Crunch

SMEs are constantly facing a talent crunch. In the midst of this, how do we attract and retain the best talent? Learn the 3 actions that have helped us find and keep the best people for our team.

9 July 2019

Culture Building

The Multigenerational Workforce: From Challenges to Opportunities

Five generations, one workplace, a multitude of issues. Here’s how to turn things around.

13 June 2019

Culture Building

How to Attract and Keep the Talent You Want

Talent attraction and retention issues still have CEOs tossing and turning at night. Corporate culture can play a bigger role in finding a solution than they realise.

6 May 2019

Culture Building

Culture Change is Key to Sustained Transformation

The need to adapt and transform is a given in every company’s growth journey. Transformation cannot be sustained without both mindset and heartset change.

8 April 2019

Culture Building

The Power of Culture in Driving Business Growth

While luxury fashion brands struggled to evolve with the times, Gucci delivered exceptional growth in 2018. Gucci’s CEO attributes their success to a focus on customers and culture.