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Insights for today's leaders on culture building, leadership development, and change management

Latest Insights

8 April 2022

Change Management

Purpose and How It Has Helped ROHEI Through Crisis [Video]

In the wake of the pandemic, employees now expect organisations to have and act on a genuine purpose that benefits society. How can companies that have lost sight of their corporate purpose begin to build a purposeful workplace?

21 March 2022

Change Management

Find Purpose At Work [Video]

Purpose is such an intangible thing, yet it has such a great impact on our wellbeing. How do we ensure that we’re living purposefully at work?

10 March 2022

Change Management

Are Your Staff Fatigued from Change? Empathy Makes the Difference

Staff have become fatigued from constant and rapid change, resulting in lower productivity and even resignation. Empathetic leaders are needed to help staff navigate through this challenging time.

17 September 2021

Change Management

Building Personal Resilience in Times of Stress and Burn-out

We live in a time of mental fatigue, stress and burn-out. Here's what you can do to build your resilience and care for your well-being.

19 May 2021

Change Management

Values, EduTech and the Emerging Workforce [Video]

ROHEI's DCE Praise interviews Mr Tan Chin Hwee, co-author of Values at the Core, and co-chair of the Emerging Stronger Taskforce EduTech AfA, on the values he observes will help the emerging workforce succeed.

29 October 2020

Change Management

Pulse Check - My Wellness Gauge

Change has undoubtedly become the norm. As your roles and responsibilities evolve constantly, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and even isolated. Get a sense of your personal wellbeing with this pulse check.

29 September 2020

Change Management

Making Remote Learning Work [Infographic]

Whether we like it or not, remote learning is here to stay. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about remote learning and how to bring value to the process.

26 August 2020

Change Management

Delivering Remote Learning: Nine Lessons We Are Learning

After COVID-19 hit our business badly, we had to enable training to continue meaningfully via remote delivery. Here's what we are learning through the process, as shared at the Adult Learning Symposium 2020.

26 May 2020

Change Management

Overcoming Challenges in Digital Adoption - Interview With E-book Authors

Learning agility and mindset shift are key to overcoming challenges in digital adoption. Hear insights from e-book authors Praise, Eric, and Aline about today's change climate and how to adapt.

2 March 2020

Change Management

Building Digital Confidence [E-book]

Adult learners face unique barriers to developing digital confidence. Learn how to overcome these challenges in this E-book on increasing Digital Adoption.

18 November 2019

Change Management

3 Keys to Building Digital Confidence in Adult Learners

Upskilling professionals and senior staff comes with distinct barriers to learning. Here is how to overcome them.