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ROHEI's Culture Playbook Featured in The Business Times

The secret to how some Singapore businesses are thriving in today's volatile environment.

“For businesses to survive and still be sustainable, let alone grow, they need to constantly innovate and review their strategies. This requires a shift at a cultural level.”


This article highlights Aleph-Labs and iHub Solutions–SMEs studied in the playbook who have found success by looking at the culture aspect of innovation. Read the article here.

How some large local businesses future-proof themselves amidst a global pandemic

People can innovate and better solve problems for customers when they experience it internally first. This article shares, “As part of its belief that authenticity is what sets its brand apart, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts practices ‘using design internally, not just externally’ in how it treats its staff. What that means is that the company regards them as important stakeholders to the business, and values their emotional, mental and physical health.” Read the full article on how Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts as well as Changi Airport Group “intentionally build strong organisational cultures that stand the test of time and produce lasting benefits.”

Access the article here. These articles features our latest playbook, “It’s All About Culture: Better Businesses by Design”, in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council. Download your copy of the playbook here.


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