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Insights for today's leaders on culture building, leadership development, and change management

28 October 2020

Leadership Development

The Power of Coach-Like Leadership

In a season of crisis like this one, the heartset of a coach stands out as an authentic and courageous way of leading. This paves the way for new levels of innovation, collaboration, and performance.

29 September 2020

Change Management

Making Remote Learning Work [Infographic]

Whether we like it or not, remote learning is here to stay. Here’s what we’ve learned so far about remote learning and how to bring value to the process.

4 September 2020

Relational Leadership, Leadership Development

How You Can Grow in Leadership Effectiveness

Effective leaders are those who get results but do it in a way that inspires their team and the people around them. How can you grow in leadership effectiveness?

28 August 2020

Culture Building

Building Culture in a Time of Crisis [E-Book]

Culture is essential to building a high-performing team. But remote work threatens to erode organisational culture that leaders have painstakingly built.

26 August 2020

Change Management

Delivering Remote Learning: Nine Lessons We Are Learning

After COVID-19 hit our business badly, we had to enable training to continue meaningfully via remote delivery. Here's what we are learning through the process, as shared at the Adult Learning Symposium 2020.

30 July 2020

Leadership Development

[Pulse Check] Know the Wellbeing of Your Team

In these unprecedented times, the resilience and wellbeing of your team is of utmost importance. Here's a tool to help you assess the wellbeing of your team - Pulse Check: Team Wellness Gauge

26 May 2020

Change Management

Overcoming Challenges in Digital Adoption - Interview With E-book Authors

Learning agility and mindset shift are key to overcoming challenges in digital adoption. Hear insights from e-book authors Praise, Eric, and Aline about today's change climate and how to adapt.

25 May 2020

Culture Building

Psychological Safety: A Must-Have in Times of Disruption

An atmosphere of psychological safety is a key enabler of an innovative, high-performing team equipped to face threats such as disruption.

16 April 2020

Leadership Development

Leading in the Storm: A Guiding Light for Crisis Leadership

In the middle of this crisis, how can we turn our organisation’s darkest hour into its finest hour? Here are the important things that we need to get right.

16 April 2020

Culture Building

What it Takes to Be a Safe and Trusted Leader

Are you a safe and trusted leader? Here’s how you can measure and strengthen your trust quotient.

3 March 2020

Leadership Development

The Way We Lead [E-book]

Leaders drive success. Discover how today’s leaders tend to behave, and the differences in their tendencies as influenced by factors such as tenure and the type of organisation they work for.