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Insights for today's leaders on culture building, leadership development, and change management

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6 January 2022

Leadership Development

How Leading With Empathy Empowers Employees

In light of low levels of engagement and high attrition, leaders must empower their employees. Learn how leadership with empathy empowers employees boosting individual, team and organisational success.

9 December 2021

Leadership Development

How Leaders Can Tackle The Great Attrition

Remote work has left many leaders with little sense of what their employees are struggling with. By the time leaders find out, it’s often too late. Understanding the undercurrents is key. It allows leaders to connect and increase engagement, and respond in a way that is meaningful for their people and for the business.



Recent Posts

22 November 2021

Culture Building

Ignite Innovation for Business Survival and Growth [E-Book]

Sustaining innovation requires culture transformation. This playbook contains the “22 Principles for Building a Design-Led Culture” and is the result of a year-long qualitative study in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council.

22 November 2021

Leadership Development

How Empathy Can Help Leaders Build Companies That Last

In order for leaders to bring their people and organisations into the future of work effectively, empathy has become increasingly critical.

12 October 2021

Leadership Development

4 Ways Leaders Can Help their Languishing Teams

Your people are wading through a pandemic fog at a time when companies need to be firing on all cylinders. Our languished workforce needs resilience. Here’s how leaders can help.

17 September 2021

Change Management

Building Personal Resilience in Times of Stress and Burn-out

We live in a time of mental fatigue, stress and burn-out. Here's what you can do to build your resilience and care for your well-being.

19 August 2021

Leadership Development

Relational Leadership - The Emergent Leadership Imperative [E-Book]

ROHEI's DCE Praise shares her insights in a masterclass conducted in collaboration with EngageRocket

30 July 2021

Leadership Development

Leading in Today’s Business Environment - A chat with an executive coach

The importance of leadership has become more crucial than ever. Learn what leaders need to navigate through today's uncertainty and transitions.

13 July 2021

Leadership Development

How Leaders Can Thrive in a VUCA Environment

Discover what effective leaders embrace in order to lead their teams successfully through a VUCA environment. Read about real examples of business leaders who innovated and built engaged teams by practising empathy with the team and caring for their wellbeing.

19 May 2021

Change Management

Values, EduTech and the Emerging Workforce [Video]

ROHEI's DCE Praise interviews Mr Tan Chin Hwee, co-author of Values at the Core, and co-chair of the Emerging Stronger Taskforce EduTech AfA, on the values he observes will help the emerging workforce succeed.

28 April 2021

Leadership Development

The Critical Role of Managers in Employee Well-being

As the new normal evolves, the role of a manager is becoming increasingly vital for employee well-being. Learn what managers can do—and be—to support their staff in these high-pressure times.