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Insights for today's leaders on culture building, leadership development, and change management

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14 September 2022

Leadership Development

6 Common Leadership Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

The authority of a leader is more fragile than we think – leaders can only lead if their team trusts them enough. Our CEO, Rachel Ong, details six leadership pitfalls that all leaders are susceptible to. Being aware of these pitfalls is the best prevention – and healthy relationships are the key.

25 May 2022

Leadership Development

How to Lead Gen Z: 4 Principles for Managers

Gen Zs are entering the workforce. For leaders, understanding the needs and mindsets of this new generation is critical. Building trust with Gen Zs through relationships motivates them to do their best, unleashing their fullest potential.



Recent Posts

8 April 2022

Change Management

Purpose and How It Has Helped ROHEI Through Crisis [Video]

In the wake of the pandemic, employees now expect organisations to have and act on a genuine purpose that benefits society. How can companies that have lost sight of their corporate purpose begin to build a purposeful workplace?

21 March 2022

Change Management

Find Purpose At Work [Video]

Purpose is such an intangible thing, yet it has such a great impact on our wellbeing. How do we ensure that we’re living purposefully at work?

10 March 2022

Change Management

Are Your Staff Fatigued from Change? Empathy Makes the Difference

Staff have become fatigued from constant and rapid change, resulting in lower productivity and even resignation. Empathetic leaders are needed to help staff navigate through this challenging time.

24 February 2022

Culture Building

Successful Teams Need More Than Communication: How to Build Meaningful Connections

Employees want to feel valued and are calling for companies to empathise with them. While excellent communication is critical to addressing these, it is not sufficient. What is needed is connection.

6 January 2022

Leadership Development

How Leading With Empathy Empowers Employees

In light of low levels of engagement and high attrition, leaders must empower their employees. Learn how leadership with empathy empowers employees boosting individual, team and organisational success.

9 December 2021

Leadership Development

How Leaders Can Tackle The Great Attrition

Remote work has left many leaders with little sense of what their employees are struggling with. By the time leaders find out, it’s often too late. Understanding the undercurrents is key. It allows leaders to connect and increase engagement, and respond in a way that is meaningful for their people and for the business.

22 November 2021

Culture Building

Ignite Innovation for Business Survival and Growth [E-Book]

Sustaining innovation requires culture transformation. This playbook contains the “22 Principles for Building a Design-Led Culture” and is the result of a year-long qualitative study in collaboration with DesignSingapore Council.

22 November 2021

Leadership Development

How Empathy Can Help Leaders Build Companies That Last

In order for leaders to bring their people and organisations into the future of work effectively, empathy has become increasingly critical.

12 October 2021

Leadership Development

4 Ways Leaders Can Help their Languishing Teams

Your people are wading through a pandemic fog at a time when companies need to be firing on all cylinders. Our languished workforce needs resilience. Here’s how leaders can help.