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    Vanessa DSC09664

    Vanessa Chua


    Since joining ROHEI in 2015, Vanessa has successfully facilitated over 300 participants in remote programs and trained more than 200 learners in the Skills Future for the Digital Workplace (SFDW) remote learning program.


    Never a dull moment with the vivacious Vanessa, the common feedback from participants about this petite but mighty tech geek in disguise include: “Highly engaging, energetic, uplifting, assuring…” These are but some adjectives attributed to Vanessa by past learners in her training sessions. Vanessa has also been complimented for her patience and efforts in checking in with participants individually at her workshops to ensure that they fully grasp the concepts introduced and are able to apply them meaningfully. She has served clients from different organizations including but not limited to blue chip companies such as UOB, HSBC, and CPF Board.

    Proficient in creative software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom, Vanessa constantly keeps herself abreast of the latest trends and software within the digital space by offering her creative services as a freelancer in conceptualizing and executing ideas for innovative media, directing/producing videos and photography work for corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as dabbling with all things tech-related.

    More about Vanessa

    Vanessa is a well-balanced, right-brained and left-brained individual and that is evident in the activities she engages in during her free time. Her hobbies include drawing, photojournalism, playing board & video games, going on humanitarian trips, being an assistant to her visually impaired colleague in Rohei, volunteering with the disabled community, and practicing Aerial Yoga. True to her Peranakan roots, she also enjoys sewing. 


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