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Lee Hak Ming

Senior Consultant

For the past 6 years, Hak Ming has built ROHEI’s long-term client relationships with educational institutions.

Hak Ming’s fruitful partnership with schools finds its roots in his vast teaching experience. After 7 years teaching youth at the beginning of his career, Hak Ming spent 17 years in a non-profit organisation as a leader, counsellor, and teacher in the areas of marriage, parenting, finance, emotional and mental wellness, relationship and team building.

An engaging speaker, Hak Ming conducted workshops and seminars in English, Chinese, and Hokkien for groups of up to 600 people where his candid and insightful workshops have consistently garnered full- house attendance.

Hak Ming served as a Trainer in Touch Community Services, Care Corner, Focus on Family, Growing Family International, Life Skills Enrichment, and Singapore Prison Ministry, where he provided counseling and prison after-care for ex-offenders. He was awarded a Long Service Award by Singapore Prison in recognition for teaching regular classes to the prisoners for more than 5 years.

Hak Ming championed social service efforts to reach out to the elderly and also provided food, lodging, legal, financial, and health services to injured foreign workers.

Hak Ming spearheads ROHEI’s learning partnership with educational institutions.

More about

Hak Ming is a father to three boys and a girl. When he is not spending time with his wife and kids, he gets energised by swimming and going to the gym. His favorite mode of relaxation is reflection: immersing himself in a personal development book and thinking deeply.

Accreditation / Certification

  • Certificate in Counselling from TESS Training School

  • DISC Personality Analysis Tool

  • Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis


  • Culture Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Change Management

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