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Cheryl Sim

Senior Consultant

Cheryl’s quick mind and sharp curiosity enable her to incisively get to the core of issues, facilitating discovery and new possibilities with her clients. She has coached clients globally, across industries, nationalities and levels. Her clients hail from a wide breadth of industries - technology, law, finance, tourism, government, the arts, to entrepreneurs. She has also led organisations to build internal workplace coaching cultures as well as managerial skills equipping for people leaders, and facilitated culture alignment and managerial skills programs for companies among the likes of KPMG and YMCA. Her mission and hope are to empower organisations and people leaders to create greater positive impact for their teams, and for people to live lives that are connected to their purpose.

She has been described by her clients to be highly perceptive, relatable, humble and nurturing in her coaching approach, and as a “masterful listener, who is able to quickly identify connections, reflect accurate observations and ask insightful questions that are effective at challenging assumptions and uncovering blind spots, taking care that the journey of growth is centred around the client’s values and priorities”. These qualities help to quickly build trust, safety and rapport with her coaching clients and adult learners, where they “feel very seen and heard throughout the process”. Other clients have also affirmed the experience they had of Cheryl, as a coach who “provides a safe and trusting space with a calm and composed demeanour that makes it very easy for me to open up to her.”

Cheryl is fun-loving and adventurous, evidenced by her backpacking trips through South and Central America, and stints living in the U.S., Taipei and Seoul. Her hobbies include writing, reading books and listening to podcasts, and hunting for beautiful architecture and hidden nooks and crannies. She has adventurous taste buds and generally attempts to eat the most unusual cuisine in any country she travels to.

Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude) from Cornell University, and a Master of Arts from Harvard University. She has also been conferred the designation of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Cheryl is a Senior Consultant and International Coaching Federation (ICF)-accredited Coach with ROHEI. She specialises in Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership Development. She brings experience in strategy, policy, executive communications, business development and learning and development across public and private sectors, to her consulting work.

More about

Cheryl’s hobbies include illustration, singing, reading great books, listening to podcasts, hunting for heritage stories, and interesting architecture around the world.

Accreditations & Qualifications

  • Associate Certified Coach (ICF)


  • Leadership Development

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