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    Charlene Kwa


    With a background in teaching and student development, Charlene is both Curriculum Developer and Skills Future for Digital Workplace (SFDW) Trainer, with a focus on the Banking and Finance Industry.


    Charlene holds a dual role of Curriculum Developer and SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace (SFDW) Trainer, with a focus on the Banking and Finance industry.

    Among Charlene’s key clients are Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, United Overseas Bank, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

    Charlene has almost a decade of experience in the education industry, playing a multi-faceted role at the Catholic Junior College, first as a teacher-mentor, in charge of mentoring and developing student leaders, then expanding into facilitation and training—running workshops and planning and managing programmes and leadership events. 

    Working with students has honed her skills at helping learners arrive at their own understanding and insights during training, a key aspect of ROHEI’s approach, where learning is caught, not just taught. 

    Positivity and an approachable demeanor make Charlene extremely relatable to learners, allowing her to create a safe environment in the training space. Empathy and encouragement are her main tools in enabling participants to gain confidence in navigating the intimidating world of digital change.

    As curriculum developer, Charlene draws from her teaching background in crafting and sequencing experiences for optimal learning. She believes in the importance of formulating questions that will best draw out the learning, and has the gift of bringing clarity to confusing circumstances and concepts.


    More about Charlene

    A nature-lover, Charlene experiences the beauty of this world in long walks in the park and the changing colours of a sunset. She also finds great joy in spending quality time with the people she loves. She relishes deep, meaningful conversations over coffee and ice cream.

    Accreditations & Qualifications

    • Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP) 2019 


    • Digital Transformation