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The Art & Science of Transformation: ROHEI Hosts Learning Session on Leading Change

5 March 2019
There is a bewilderment that accompanies the speed of change.

Leading change is a shared struggle across industries today, with leaders feeling overwhelmed and paralysed.

ROHEI hosted The Art & Science of Transformation to share insights on leading change, in its first Learning Series of the year, last February 14 at the Devan Nair Institute.

The learning session gathered over 100 change leaders, CEOs, and CHROs to hear insights from four speakers from different dimensions of managing people-centred transformation.

We were privileged to hear from Janet Young on leading change in UOB, Peter Overy on facilitating change through design thinking, and Yeo Bee Lian and Jeremy Tan from Trybe on their insights from working with juvenile probationers.

Building trust is key to success

Instilling trust at UOB was crucial to leading change, Janet shared. Creating an environment that is safe was key to success.

“Do you want to instil a learning environment where people come without fear? So you can do transformation in many ways. I have seen large organisations that say, give them no choice. Make them so fearful that they have to change. That is an approach, and some people would take that approach. But that is not UOB.”

This approach, Janet shared, allows teams to be engaged and transformation to take place.

“The important thing is, after all is said and done, the litmus test is: Are your teams engaged? Do they get it? If they are engaged, half the battle is won. If you have trust built, and your team is engaged, you don’t need to worry that it will take a lot of pain. Transformation is painful.”

Transforming at the Speed of Digital
Transforming at the Speed of Digital through Balancing Commercial Realities and Relationships
Ms Janet Young, MD & Head of Group Channels & Digitalisation, United Overseas Bank Limited
5c7e9debe984f3b71ac4244e_2 ROHEI Pete Overy People Centred Design
Jumpstarting Transformation with Human-Centred Design
Mr Pete Overy, Co-Founder, Co-Managing Director, AGENCY

Leaders walking the talk is critical for lasting transformation

Bee Lian Yeo of Trybe shared why “walking the talk” for them as leaders and journeying with people through the change process is critical for lasting transformation:

“All of us as individuals, regardless of our role, our position, in a company or organisation, we desire to be valued as individuals. We desire to be respected for our views. We desire to be able to share our inputs and our opinions. We desire to want to know the rationale behind the decisions that are made that actually affect us. That’s what we saw when we put in the fair process. It is no longer telling someone that they are valued. We actually allow them to experience being valued. I believe that is very critical to change. Whether it is in an organisation, or whether it is working with people to see change from the inside out.

Transforming Lives through Authentic Connections
Transforming Lives through Authentic Connections
Ms Yeo Bee Lian, Assistant Director, Trybe, Singapore Boys' Hostel Division
Transformation Starts from Building Relationships

Transformation starts with building relationships

“My perspective on transformation was enhanced by understanding that transformation starts from building relationships. This is especially helpful as navigating transitions would be a top concern for me,” said one of the attendees, Peter Chew, Head Organisation Excellence, CAAS.

5c7e9f8a8400ce49868aecb3_5 ROHEI Art and Science of Transformation Question
Mr Lee Wai Hoong (Head—Partnership, Focus on the Family) asking a question during Q&A
5c7e9fb30c28beb7b7c86c5c_6 ROHEI Art and Science of Transformation Audience
‍Mr Saw Ken Wye (CEO, Crimsonlogic), Ms Chung Lai Thoe (Asst ED, Singapore Business Federation), Ms Sylvia Koh (Chief People Officer, Crimsonlogic), Ms Clarissa Goh (Director, Julius Baer Learning Academy)
5c7ea05f7cef32d3cb33a2e6_7 ROHEI Art and Science of Transformation Guests 1
‍Ms Lynette Leong (CEO, COMMERCIAL, CAPITALAND) with ROHEI Principal Consultant Eddie Eng
5c7ea0af7cef32379033a352_8 ROHEI Art and Science of Transformation Guests 2‍Mr Sundar Iyer (COO & TRANSFORMATION LEAD, HSBC), Mr Steven Reid (CFO, HSBC)

Watch The Art and Science of Transformation summary video and learn the key insights.

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