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ROHEI Speaks on Culture Building at the Annual SME Cruise Learning Tour

6 August 2018

ROHEI addressed 750 SME owners and key personnel at the annual “Cruise Learning Tour,” organised by Shin Min and the Bosses Network, held last 27-29 July. On its 15th year, the cruise was themed Smart Enterprise, Innovative Mind.

ROHEI was invited to share its expertise on culture building. Our Chief Executive Rachel Ong shared how CEOs can foster a culture of trust in a business environment where SMEs must innovate or be left behind.

“Innovation happens when an emotionally safe environment is created, and people feel safe to challenge the status quo and make mistakes,” Rachel said.

An SME owner from the financial sector shared:

“A most engaging and transformative talk! Now I understand how a culture of trust shows up in an organization. Indeed, relationships define the culture. Healthy culture equates to healthy relationships; unhealthy culture tells of weak relationships in the organization. Bravo ROHEI!”

In another segment, ROHEI’s Vice President of Training, Consulting, Coaching and Curriculum Design, Eddie Eng and Senior Consultant, Aaron Chow, facilitated an experiential activity on putting People over Process in spite of SMEs’ challenges with resource constraints in a competitive environment.

ROHEI Speaks on Culture Building at the Annual SME Cruise Learning Tour

The audience gained new insights and were energised by the experience:

Through the ROHEI experience, I have realized that it is important to put people before process by investing time to listen and understand my staff’s challenges. This will help me to gain new perspectives about my staff and their realities so that I can develop them effectively and empower them to solve the problem.  


The ROHEI experience is real and relevant to the workplace, not another textbook concept. The process creates very powerful reflection and brings about new levels of awareness, to help leaders recognize the organization’s reality, understand various perspectives, and increase effectiveness.


A common challenge among organizations is the alignment between management and staff. Management and staff have different perspectives that lead to misunderstanding and weakening of organizational trust. ROHEI’s learning experience about the 3 Realities provides for a platform where management and staff can learn and discover together, realign and address this misunderstanding. This is a useful process to help organizations increase trust and collaboration across all levels.


ROHEI Speaks on Culture Building at the Annual SME Cruise Learning Tour

“SMEs rock!” Our CE Rachel Ong said. “A joy and privilege to learn from so many owner/leaders; to not be afraid to innovate and do new things, to have the courage to course-correct after failures. Very grateful for everyone!”

ROHEI Speaks on Culture Building at the Annual SME Cruise Learning Tour


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