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ROHEI Recognised as One of 2018’s Top Employer Brands

21 November 2018

ROHEI was one of the recipients of the Top Employer Brand award, which celebrates companies with high employee engagement and strong cultures. The award was presented at the 2018 Asia CEO Summit by Influential Brands® at Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel on 20 November 2018.

More than 400 influential C-suite executives from leading companies across the region including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China attended the event, which celebrated chief executives, women leaders, influential and outstanding brands.

Out of more than 50 organisations nominated for the Top Employer Brands category this year, 9 emerged as winners. ROHEI is the only SME among the list of winners.

Praise Mok (Deputy CE), Sophia Ng (Chief, Strategy & Marketing), Karen Chan (VP), and Calvin Yeo (Principal Consultant) received the award.

Principal Consultant Calvin Yeo
(L-R) Principal Consultant Calvin Yeo; Deputy Chief Executive Praise Mok; Chief, Strategy and Marketing Sophia Ng; Vice President Karen Chan
Practitioners First, Consultants Second
‍ROHEI Deputy Chief Executive Praise Mok (CENTRE) receives the Top Employer Brand Award from Jacqueline Gwee, Director and Founder, Advantage Consulting; and Jorge Rodriguez, General Manager of Influential Brands

Practitioners First, Consultants Second

“Here at ROHEI, we are practitioners first and consultants second,” says ROHEI founder and Chief Executive Rachel Ong, in a Business Times feature, “The Currency of Trust,” a piece honoring the Influential Brand Award winners, published on 21 November 2018.

“To be more effective at helping other companies to build trust, we have to build trust among ourselves first”, Rachel states.  

Trust Starts at the Top

“The company has found that the best way to do so (help other companies) is through a top-down approach by starting with the leaders—in particular, C-suite executives”, Business Times shared about ROHEI.

Helping Build More Resilient and Innovative SMEs through Trust

The only SME among the list of winners, ROHEI sees the need to help fellow SMEs build strong cultures.

“Building a culture of trust helps companies, including SMEs, become more resilient and innovative. Because the culture is safe, staff are not afraid to keep trying.”

Learn more about building a culture of trust.

ROHEI Learning & Consulting

ROHEI Learning & Consulting

We are a learning and consulting partner in building a culture of trust where people and results are honoured. We develop trusted and relationally competent leaders and help organisations navigate the people aspect of their change journeys.